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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski 2003

Yllenus baltistanus Caporiacco, 1935

revalidated: Logunov, Marusik 2003b

No. 1056 Karakoram Mts area (Baltistan: Skardu, Ladakh)

Males of this species and Y. aralicus, Y. auspex, Y. uzbekistanicus "have virtually indistiguishable palpal organs"

Source: Logunov, Marusik 2003b. A revision of the genus Yllenus Simon, 1868 (Arachnida, Araneae, Salticidae). KMK Scientific Press Ltd., Moscow, 2003b: 125-128, figs 426-434, map 29. With Author's and Editor's permission.

Comment by J. Proszynski. The revalidation is done by epigyne of lectotype (which is missing - Logunov supported his views on drawing by Punda, which he himself considers poorly illustrated - p. 128); he states also that palpal organs of males of his Y. baltistanus are "virtually indistiguishable"from three other species, so he separates them by their coloration, however his only studied male specimen is "strongly damaged and lost their scale coverage" (page 128). One may ask whether wouldn't be more advisable to delay separation of this species until fresh specimens were available? Complaining on lack specimens of di Caporiacco in Museum in Florence Logunov overlooked note in this Catalogue, and also in Proszynski 1968: 445 that remaining specimens from di Caporiacco collections are kept in Milano, Italy.

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