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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski, 1999

"Viciria" mustela Simon, 1903

No. 2762 S, E Africa

1. by Peckhams - V. parmata (is it conspecific) <==> 2. V. mustela by de Lessert <=============>3. by Simon


Source: 1. Peckham, Peckham 1903. New Species of the Family Attidae from South Africa, with Notes on the Distribution of the Genera found in the Ethiopian Region. Trans. Wisc. Acad. Sci. Arts. Lett., 14 (1): 233, t 26, f 5.

Lessert R. 1936. Araignees de l'Afrique orientale portugaise, recueilies par MM. p. Lesne et H. B. Cott. Rev. suisse zool., 43(9): 297, f 94-95.
2. Simon E. 1903a. Histoire Naturelle des Araignees. 2(3-4) Paris: 743, figs 880-895 (= F-G).

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