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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski, 2001

Tutelina formicaria (Emerton, 1891)

No. 3430 USA: Massachussets, Connecticut, Long Island, MI, NY

2. By Maddison
3. by Peckhams

Source: 1. Kaston B. J. 1948. Spiders of Connecticut. Bull. Conn. St. geol. nat. Hist. Surv. 70: 490, f. 1824-1827.
2. Xeroxcopy of drawing by Wayne P. Maddison. 3. Peckham G.W., Peckham E.G. 1909. Revision of the Attidae of North America. Trans. Wisc. Acad. Sci. Arts Let., 16 (1): 500, t 40, f 7, t 41, f 3.

Copyright for the page by Jerzy Proszynski , 2001.