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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski 2002

A. Senglet Gallery of Color Photographs of Salticidae.

Philaeus chrysops (Poda, 1761)

No. 0253 Mediterranean to C Europe and Japan

COLOR PHOTOGRAPS by A. P. Noordam [ from Nieuwenhuys] [ by B. Knoflach].
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================> <====F3== differences in the genitalia ===F8============>

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"There seems to exist some differences in the genitalia between the red coloured females and the typical ones. Compare F1 and F7 with the red F3 and F6". (A. Senglet)

Source: Original  photographs and det by  Mr. Antoine Senglet.Collecting labels and notes: PHILAEUS chrysops (Poda) 1761 SUISSE GENEVE  val. de l'Allondon, 20/7/79 PchM1
 GRECE THESSALIE LARISSA: near Gonnos, 3951'N 2230'E, 30/5/82 PchF4 form haemorrh.-bilineatus; Hahn + K.: fig.1122GRECE      
STEREA HELLAS PHTHIOTIDE: Theologos (Glyphada), 3839'N 2314'E, 4/6/78 PchF1      
Theologos (5-30/06), 3839'N 2312'E, 15/6/79 PchF7 
Theologos, 3839'N 2312'E,18/6/82 PchF3 form haemorrh.-bilineatus; Hahn + K.: fig.1122 PchM2
 GRECE PELOPONNESE ACHAIA: Kalithea /Patras, 3810'N 2144'E, 20/5/83 PchF8 
MESSENIE: Methoni,3649'N 2143'E, 30/5/81 PchF2 form haemorrh.; Hahn + K.: fig.1123 
ESPAGNE CASTILLE /LEON SALAMANCA: Pres de El Cabaco (sur cistes), 17/6/85 PchF5 form bilineatus; legs entirely black 
IRAN TEHRAN TEHRAN: Mo'allem Kelayeh, 3626'N5027'E, 3/7/75 PchF6 form haemorrh. 
scale: habitus 1mm, genitalia 0.2mm 

Copyright for the photographs by M. Antoine Senglet. Copyright for the page by J. Proszynski, 2002.