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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski, 2002

M. Antoine Senglet Photographic Documentation
 of Salticidae  
[][Dendryphantes rudis][Habrocestum graecum][Habrocestum egaeum - epigynum][Heliophanus aeneus]
[H. agricola][H. auratus ][H. cupreus][H. dubius][H. edentulus][H. equester][H. flavipes][H. kochi][H. melinus]
[H. rufithorax][H. tribulosus][Icius hamatus][Icius subinermis][Leptorchestes mutilloides] [Macaroeris nidicolens - 
variation][Mogrus antoninus] [Mogrus neglectus][Pellenes brevis][Pellenes moreana][Pellenes seriatus][Philaeus
 chrysops] [Plexippoides sp. "e3"[cf. gestroi] [Plexippus paykulli][Plexippus (?) sp. "b3"] [Plexippus sp. "d3"] 
 [Plexippus sp. "f3"][Salticus mutabilis] [S. propinquus] [S. scenicus] [S. zebraneus] [Salticus sp. 1 + 2 Senglet] 
[Sitticus distinguendus] [Sitticus floricola] [Sitticus inexpectus] [Sitticus rupicola] [Sitticus cf. rupicola - Iran] 
[Synageles dalmaticus][][ Thyene imperialis - males]
[... and females] ] [Yllenus univittatus]   [] 

                                   Advices on photographic technique used by Mr. A. Senglet

> "The Thyene palps pictures are made from a Video camera on an Olympus SZH
> 10 stereo microscope with 1x and a Zoom ratio of 0.7x-7x. The object must be relatively large to obtain a usable 
picture. Video gives a very  low resolution with snow and needs to halve the original Video size.
> Digital camera would be a much better solution but financially out of  reach.
> Some included vulvae are video pictures taken on the Microscope.

> Most pictures of habitus were made with living spiders under sulphuric
> ether action, in a ratio of 2x, 3x and 4x actual size on Kodachrome
> transparencies. Nikon FE and FA camera were used with a Micro-Nikkor 55
> mm in reverse position on Nikon Bellow focussing attachment II. Lighting
> was achieved by the mean of an annular macro flashlight fixed on the
> lens (Nikon SM-2), powered by Nikon Ac Power Unit for medical Nikkor. A
> self-made magnetic object-bench attached to the bellow-stand did permit
> orientation and centring. This assembly was fixed to a strong tripod
> permitting a horizontal and vertical use. Compensation for size 2x?4x
> was possible only by aperture as the flash was used at its highest
> power. For example 2x = f9, 3x = f11 and 4x = f16 for a 64 asa film.
> Pictures from the microscope (old Olympus) were usually made with a 4x
> lens and 10x ocular in order to retain a fair depth of field. A
> self-made illuminator with the highly focussed beam of a 150watt
> projector lamp gave light at 45. " [From a personal letter of Mr. A. Senglet]

Copyright © for all photographs by M. Antoine Senglet. Copyright © for the page by J. Proszynski, 2002.