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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski 1997

Pellenes ravoisiei (Lucas, 1846)

Provisional note

Wanless interpreted a specimen from Algeria (Alg. 149. Tala Guilef 1833 mm. Coll. Bosmans) as  P. ravoisiei.
Proszynski (unpublished note) identified the same as Pellenes resembling P. nigrociliatus,  maderianus or
semiater. He has further noted that " in Lucas' drawing of P. ravoisiei it differs by absence of striking white ventral margin 
on carapace and white spots on eye field marked by Lucas [Lucas 1846: 165, t 8, f 4], besides characters marked on the 
 drawing may fit several Pellenes species and therefore are not sufficient for undoubtful identification]. Identical with 
"Pellenes semiater E. Simon, Auctor det.  1898. Mustapha, P. Lesne Mus. Paris (12. III. 93)". NON TYPE - [syn.
P. arcigerus]. ... Coloration close to P. simoni with some difference, and epg. somewhat different. ... Differs in coloration 
 of legs, cphth. and abd. from specimen idetified as P. maderianus from Israel."

Conclusion: Even without examination of the type specimen of Lucas, the ageement of opinion of Simon 1876: 101,
 interpretation by Wanless and Proszynski to accept this species as Pellenes. Interpretation of species remains open.
J. Proszynski, 2005
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