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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski 2004

Naphrys acerba (Peckham et Peckham, 1909)

No. 3469 USA: Texas, Georgia; Mexico




Source: 1. Peckham G.W., Peckham E.G. 1909. Revision of the Attidae of North America. Trans. Wisc. Acad. Sci. Arts Let., 16 (1): 522, 377 T. 44 F. 1.

2. Edwards G.B. 2002a. A review of the Nearctic jumping spiders (Araneae: Salticidae) of the subfamily Euophryinae north of Mexico. Insecta Mundi 16 (1-3): 69, f 5-8. With Author's and Editor's permission. 3. Richman 1981: 202, figs 3, 12-15. With Author's and Editor's permission.

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