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Descriptions of New Taxa

A Supplement to Salticidae Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski 1997

Descriptions of new species, in print now, or in preparation for print, made provisionally available for the Users of the Diagnostic Drawings Library because of long delay in publication. Arachnologists using these descriptions and drawings are kindly requested to acknowledge that in their publications. Attention: the International Code for Zoological Nomenclature does not recognize taxonomic names unles description is printed on paper.

Mogrus sp-a Proszynski sp. uncertain

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  • Material: Several females from Kallia, collected by Shulov in 1939.

    Remark. Sevral specimens in bad condition, the final identification and detailed descriptiond is postponed until fresh specimens become available. Resembling M. fulvovittatus and M. sinaicus by epigyne. However, their abdominal pattern is more differentiated, median reddish (now !) streak is contoured with thin white line, remaining marginal parts of dorsum grey with thinner reddish streak and a white marginal line around marginal edge, delimited ventrally grey in the posterior half of abdomen, merging anteriorly with white anterior half of the sides, and ventral coloration of abdomen. Frontal aspect: face white, cheli~cerae yellowish brown, pedipalps and legs whitish yellow. Legs: whi~tish. Ventral aspect: generally whitish. Internal structure of epigyne not studied.

    Measurements (mm): Female. Length of cephalothorax 3.60; length of abdomen 3.64.

    Distribution: Israel: Kallia. Seasonal appearance: female - VIII.