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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library by Jerzy Proszynski 2004

Salticidae (Araneae) from Brazil: Central Amazonia

photographic documentation by Thierry Gasnier et al.

Lyssomanes longipes (Taczanowski, 1871)
No. 1571 Brazil

Lyssomanes aff. longipes +  tgeg32  
BR - Amazonas - Coari - Rio Urucu - Aprox Aeroporto - 4o 53' 05"S 65o 22' 09"W - 17-23/II/1996 - Col Bührnhein & N. O Aguiar

1)  Lyssomanes  longipes (male tgee06+female tgee07) Brazil, Amazonas, Parque Nacional do Jau
       Leg: Azevedo, C.S.; January 2003. "Guarda Chuva Entomológico, vegetação".
Photos by Azevedo & Gasnier2005

Lyssomanes aff. longipes + tgeg09
BR - Amazonas - Coari - Rio Urucu - 4o 49' 23,4"S 64o 55' 2,3" W - 02-08/IV/1991 - Col N. O. Aguiar et al.

e) faz= “Fazenda Experimental da Universidade Federal do Amazonas", Km 38 da Rodovia BR 174 (Manaus-Caracarai), Amazonas, Brasil. Spiders collected by Thierry.Gasnier in a tropical rainforest

apparently 2 closely related but different species

INPA045 8 Lyssomanes longipes f 5 Reserva Campina-AM?

INPA326 8 Lyssomanes longipes m 6 Fazenda Esteio-AM

     Lyssomanes longipes Reserva Ducke-AM
INPASA006 11 m 5 <=====================>      INPASA007 11 (sub) 4 

INPAS065 21 Lyssomanes n.sp.prope.longipes m 5 Reserva Ducke-AM

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Source: Thierry R. Gasnier. Brazil - Amazon - Salticidae collection of the National Institute for Research in Amazon (INPA).

Copyright © for the photographs by Machado & Gasnier 2003. Copyright © for the page by J. Proszynski, 2004.