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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski 1997

Lepidemathis astorgasensis (Barrion et Litsinger, 1995)

possibly synonym of L. haemorrhoidalis (Simon, 1899)

Philippines: Panay Is., Astorgas, rice field - retreat in the coiled leaf of rice.
  • See drawings by Zabka
  • 1. 2.

    Source: 1. Xeroxcopies of drawings from Barrion A. T., Litsinger J. A. 1995: Riceland Spiders of South and Southeast Asia. : 47-49, figs 17a-k. By courtesy.
    2. Quick sketch of the expanded palpal organ of the holotype, as well as anterior view of coliled embolus; also internal structure of epigyne of allolotype (conspecific status uncertain), by J. Proszynski

    Remark. Epigyne resembles a little Ocrisiona, from which differs by high cephalothorax; male entirely different. Cannot place this genus yet. J. Proszynski
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