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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library by Jerzy Proszynski 2006

Regional  Guides for Identification of Salticidae 

A pictorial index of genera of the Oriental Salticidae


See also pictorial indexes for: Palaearctic Region, Oriental Region, Indian Subcontinent, Tropical Africa, N America, 
Latin America, Pacific Islands, N Zealand, Galapagos, Hawaii, Australia also Browser to the World's genera 
This page is followed by analytical pages (under construction):  
1. Traditional    division into I.   PLURIDENTATI   II. UINIDENTATI  III.    FISSIDENTATI  
2 . By  subfamilies and groups of genera (as recognized now) Euophryinae  Myrmarachninae Spartaeinae
 3. Historical groups of Oriental genera in Simon's key 
Bocus sp. from Panay I. (1,5 cm long!!)


Myrmarachne bakeri 

Myrmarachne plataleoides 
Myrmarachne cuneata                        Myrmarachne grossa

Myrmarachne turriformis 

Myrmarachne cornuta 
Myrmarachne edwardsi      Myrmarachne lugubris  
[other genera of Myrmarachninae (in other regions): Belippo, Emertonius, Ligonipes, Rhombonotus]