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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library by Jerzy Proszynski 2006

Regional  Guides for Identification of Salticidae 

A pictorial index of genera of the Australian Salticidae


See also pictorial indexes for: Palaearctic Region, Oriental Region, Indian Subcontinent, Tropical Africa, N America, 
Latin America, Pacific Islands, N Zealand, Galapagos, Hawaii, Australia also Browser to the World's genera 
This page is followed by analytical pages (under construction):  
1.Traditional    division into FISSIDENTATI,     PLURIDENTATI ,UNIDENTATI   
 2 .By  subfamilies and groups of genera (as recognized now) [Euophryinae]    [Myrmarachninae] [Spartaeinae]   
 3. Experimental guides: ANT-LIKE APPEARANCE  .    
Characters of the subfamily: palpal organ with coiled embolus and meandering sperm reservoir, 
epigynum often with simple globular spermathecae, cheliceral dentition fissi- or unidentati)
 Canama hinnulea  

Coccorchestes rufipes               Coccorchestes ferreus  

Cytaea piscula                             Cytaea alburna
   Ergane carinata (Caroline Is. - Palau)                          
Ergane cognata (Australia) 

Euryattus sp. ------------------------------------------------------    Euryattus bleekeri ------------------ 

Hypoblemum sp.

Lycidas sp.                                                        L. michaelseni  (stridulatory ridge on carapace) 

Maratus sp.                                                            Maratus volans  

Marg. funestum (type species) Margaromma semirasa (presumably not congeneric) 
   Omoedus sp. (Australia)    
 Palpelius    beccarii  

  Prostheclina pallida
  Salpesia squalida 

Servaea vestita     

Zenodorus urvillei