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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski 1997

Helicius yaginumai Proszynski, 1976 [Bohdanowicz et Proszynski, 1987]

No. 0428 Japan, Korea

2. by Proszynski 1976 <========================> by Logunov, Marusik 2000b.

3. Documentation of description: 
     a) original label in Proszynski 1976: 187 - at the time considered "provisional  publication of drawings" 
of the holotype -

b) The precedesns of recognition of names incompletely described was given by the following case: N. I. Platnick 2005. The World Spider Catalog, Version 5.0 (Internet). Comment to Bathippus kochi: "omitted by Roewer, considered a nomen nudum by Bonnet, but Simon provided purportedly diagnostic information and the specific name is therefore valid". That description is quoted below:

Source: Original drawings by J. Proszynski, printed in: Proszynski J. 1976. Studium systematyczno-zoogeograficzne nad rodzina Salticidae (Aranei) Regionow Palearktycznego i Nearktycznego. Rozprawy Wyzszej Szkoly Pedagogicznej, 6. Siedlce: 186 (label data), figs 373-382, map 69. With Author's and Editor's permission. Also in Bohdanowicz A., Proszynski] J. 1987. Systematic studies on East Palaearctic Salticidae (Araneae), IV. Salticidae of Japan. Annales zoologici, Warszawa, 41, 2: 63-66, figs 55-64. With Author's and Editor's permission.

Copyright © for the page by J. Proszynski, 1999.