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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski 1997

Havaika sp. - 6 from Molokai I.

No. 0000 Hawaii

Source: 3M, Havaiki cf. verecundus - Havaiki B. Hawaii Is., Molokai, Molokai Forest Res., Kolekole Cabin, 1190 m in Cibotium stem. 14. I. 1974. F.G. Howarth, E.L. Boosfield. Male cf. verecundus - Bigger than sp. Havaiki A - with similar lines of long white setae along chelicera, but different setae on clypeus and around eyes I, abdomen with trace of posterior transversal spots, other spots uncertain; in another M (the biggest) traces of broad streak medially along 3/4 of abdomen, with posterior triangle distinctly darker. 1F Havaiki sp JP-6 [POSSIBLY CONSPECIFIC WITH MALES sp JP-13 ] Female very different - with abdomen with white margin and median broad (1/3 of abdomen) irregular brown streak.Unpublished data on species of Havaika by J. Proszynski. With Author's permission.

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