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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski 1997

Havaika sp. -12 from Kaui

No. 0000 Hawaii

Source: 1F - Havaika sp JP-12. - Hawaian Is. Kauai, Mt. Kahili, on Cheirodendron kanaiense var. Forbesi, 17. XI. 1968. W.C. Cagne. Distinctly different species, with peculiar (but Havaiki type) epigyne. Broad band of intensely white scales hanging from clypeus edge, area beneath ALE covered also by white scales, broad white triangle dorsally between AME, eyes I surrounded by sparse and very inconspicuous colorless setae. Sternum and coxae yellow, abdomen ventrally whitish yellow. Epigyne appears broad (is small) with long vaginal roof and spermatheca short (1/2 of roof). Abdominal pattern light, resembling rather S. seniculus or S. cruciatus. V. interesting species. Unpublished data on species of Havaika by J. Proszynski. With Author's permission.

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