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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski 1997

Havaika sp. - 10 from Maui

No. 0000 Hawaii

Source: 1F -Havaika sp JP-10. - Maui, Haleakala crater, Haleauu trail, 8000 ft. 24. VII. 1965. T Suman. Clypeus brown with very long colorless setae stretching forward, and long white setae overhanging cheliceral bases. Small white adpressed setae on sides, behind the line of anterior lateral eyes. Epigyne: long roof over vagina, with diagonal sclerotized rims coming to mid of its length. Channels long, spermatheca apparently of Havaiki type - something resembling sp-JP-6, but not identical. Length of cephalothorax - 2.64 mm, l. of abdomen 3.84 mm. Abdomen (now) almost uniformely greyish brown with remnants of whitish spots covered with remnants of whitish adpressed setae - anterior margin, 2 pairs of small lateral spots and faint places of a chain of median spots. No trace of transversal white line. Remnants of reddish, adpressed setae.Unpublished data on species of Havaika by J. Proszynski. With Author's permission.

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