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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library Supplement

by Jerzy Proszynski 2003

Trinidad and Tobago - List of Species

based on
Cutler and G. B. Edwards
The Jumping Spiders (Araneae: Salticidae) of Trinidad and Tobago.
Living World. The Journal of the Trinidad and Tobago Field Naturalists' Club, 2002.

( TR = Trinidad and TO = Tobago)

Ashtabula dentata
- TR] Banksetosa? sp. - TR] Beata inconcinna - TR] Beata maccuni - TR] Bellota peckhami - TR] Breda milvina - TR] Breda sp.- TR] Bryantella speciosa- TR]Chinoscopus maculipes - TR] Chira guianensis - TR; TO] Chira cf. lanei - TR] Chira lucina? - TR] Chira simoni - TR] Chira cf. spinipes-TR;TO].Chira trivittata - TR] Chira sp. - TR] Cobanus cf. mandibularis - TR; TO] Corythalia blanda - TR] Corythalia placata - TR; TO] Corythalia cf. spiralis - TR] Corythalia sp. 1 - TR; TO] Cotinusa sp. - TR] Cylistella sp. - TR] Cyllodania cf. bicruciata - TR]"Cyllodania " sp. - TR] Eustiromastix falcatus - TR]. Eustiromastix obscurus -TR; TO] "Eustiromastix" sp. 1 - TR] Fluda angulosa - TR] Fluda perdita - TR] Fluda usta - TR]Freyadecorata - TR] . Freya perelegans - TR; TO] "Freya" sp. 1 - TR] Frigga kessleri - TR]
Gastromicans sp. 1 - TR] Habronattus mexicanus -TR] Hentzia parallela -TR] Hentzia vernalis - TR] Hypaeus cf. flavipes - TR, TO] Hypaeus cf. mystacalis - TR] Hypaeus cf. nigrocomosus - TR]
Hypaeus sp. - TO].Jollas geniculatus - TR]. Lurio solennis - TR]] Lyssomanes ceplaci- TR]
Lyssomanes elegans - TR] Lyssomanes remotus - TR] Lyssomanes taczanowskii - TR] Lyssomanes unicolor -TR, TO] Mago silvae -TR] Mago sp. 1 - TR] Marpissa broadwayi - TR] Marpissa sp. - TR] Menemerus bivittatus - TR] Messua sp. - TR] Metaphidippus sp. 1- TR]
Noegus fuscimanus - TR] Noegus rufus - TR] Noegus transversalis? - TR] Nycerella aprica - TR]
"Nycerella" sp. 1 - TR] Pachomius dybowskii - TR] Pachomius cf. sextus - TR] Pachomius simlis - TR] Pachomius villeta - TR] Parnaenus cf. cuspidatus -TR] Parnaenus metallicus - TR] Peckhamia sp.- TR] Phiale crocea - TR] Phiale guttata - TR] Plexippus paykulli - TR] Poultonia sp. - TR] Psecas barbaricus - TR] Psecas sumptuosus -TR] Psecas sp. 1 - TR] Sarinda cf. armata - TR; TO]Sarinda longula -TR] Sassacus cf. arcuatus - TR] Sassacus cf. resplendens - TR] Sassacus cf. trochilus - TR; TO] Sassacus sp. - TR] Scopocira carinata -TO] Scopocira dentichelis - TR; TO]
Scopocira tenella - TR] Scopocira sp. 1 -TR] Semorina sp. - TR] Synemosyna cf. americana - TR] Synemosyna ankeli - TR] Synemosyna aurantiaca - TR] Synemosyna cf. lauretta - TR; TO] Synemosyna cf. lucasi - TR] Synemosyna myrmeciaeformis - TR] Synemosyna sp. - TR]
Thiodina pallida - TR] Thiodina sp. 2 - TR; TO] Uspachus sp. 1 - TR; TO]