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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library Supplement

Geographical Distribution of Salticidae

by Jerzy Proszynski, 1999

New Zealand - List of Species of Salticidae

in preparation

Conclusions from that paper are quoted below.
"30 genera and 200 species of Salticidae can be expected in New Zealand. The fauna is highly endemic, both on a generic and a specific levels. Among the endemics, two groups of species and genera, "planiceps" and "auricoma", are the most diverse; Trite planiceps and "Trite" auricoma being the best known representatives of every group, respectively. Surprisingly, and despite the results from many other spider families, the relationships between the Salticidae of New Zealand and other areas, especially Australia are limited to single representatives of Opisthoncus, Holoplatys , Ocrisiona , Helpis , "Clynotis" or Hypoblemum ). Also wide-spread genera (Bianor, Neon) are poorly represented. A few pantropical species (e.g. Hasarius adansoni) are found in the warmer climate of North Island. To a limited extent New Zealand is a source of fauna for other Pacific archipelagos. For example, species of Trite, are found in New Caledonia and Caroline Islands. Of about 50 salticid species formally described from New Zealand, only some have been properly diagnosed and are recognisable. The majority of species were put within wrong genera (Attus, Marpissa, Salticus ), many other genera and species are to be described."
With Authors' permission.

12 species, 8 genera
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