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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library Supplement

by Jerzy Proszynski 2003

Salticidae of SE Asia - Distribution of species

from: Murphy F. and Murphy J. 2000. An Introduction to the Spiders of South East Asia. Malaysian Nature  Society,
 Kuala Lumpur, 267-356, plates 26-32 [modified]. By courtesy of the Authors' and the Malaysian Nature Society.

For some species, the only localities provided in the literature use former names of certain regions. In such cases we
use these old names, capital letters - TYPE species

BA= Bali
B0= Borneo(BR+KM+ SB+SR)
BR = Brunei
CB = Cambodia
HK= Hong Kong
IC = Indochina(CB + LA + VN)
IN = Indonesia(BA+JA+KM+KR+Sl+S)
JA = Java
KM = Kalimantan
KR = Krakatau
LA = Laos
MY = Myanmar
PH = Philippines
PM = Peninsular Malaysia
PT = Peninsular Thailand
SB = Sabah
SC = Southern China
Sl = Sunda Islands
SP = Singapore
SR = Sarawak
SU = Sumatra
TH = Thailand
TW = Taiwan
VN = Vietnam
                                                                Province of southern China 
1 = Sichuan   2 = Hubei   3 = Anhui   4 = Zhejiang   5 = Yunnan   6 = Guizhou   7 = Hunan    8 = Jiangxi  9 = Fujian 
10= Guangxi  11 = Guangdong   12= Hainan   ? = recent addition of Chinese species - not discussed in the main text 
N.P. = National Park N.R. = Nature Reserve
Checklist of Species recorded from South East Asia
amended and updated by J. Proszynski, 2003
Basically, this list is intended to give all the spider species recorded from south east Asia as defined 
in the map in Part 2, up to the end of 1995. There are some additions since that time, notably from southern
China. This checklist [of ALL families]contains some 723 genera and 3815 species.Each entry consists of:species 
and author; country, region or province of the type locality;
distribution of the species within our area. In the distribution section, abbreviations are used for the various countries or regions. These are listed beneath the accompanying map. An empty distribution section implies that the species is known only from the type locality. (There are too many of these for the general comfort of serious taxonomists.) If the distribution record contains the same region as that in which the type occurs, then the species has been recorded from elsewhere within that region. The abbreviations include, Nom. Dub.,(or Nomen Dubium),which means a doubtful name, because it is impossible to establish the taxon to which it should be referred: Nom. Inq:, (or Nomen Inquirendum), meaning a name that requires investigation; and Nom. Nud.,(or Nomen Nudum), a name published without sufficient descriptive information for taxonomic purposes.
The type species of each genus is also given, whether or not this species occurs in south east Asia. The genus type species and their details is printed in CAPITALS. The genus types and the type localities can give an indication of the overall distribution of the genus. The distribution of the genus type and the species belonging to this genus can indicate those genera which may be restricted to our area and can sometimes even suggest a genus that would repay further investigation.
The present Chinese spider list has only recently been completed. Through the generosity of Prof. D.S. Song (and e-mail),this list was immediately made available. New genera and their species, described since 1995, are contained in this list. These have been added to our south east Asia list simply because it seemed a pity to ignore such information. However, they are not discussed in the main text.(Introduction to the checklist - Murphy F. and Murphy J. 2000: 483).(I have added also some Indian species - J. Proszynski). [Aelurillus deruptus (Karsch, 1880); Philippines (Luzon)][Agorius borneensis Edmunds et Proszynski, 2001; Borneo: Sabah ] [ Agorius cinctus Simon, 1901; Indonesia (Lombok I.);][Agorius constrictus Simon, 1901;Singapore;PM.SP] [Agorius formicinus Simon, 1903;Sumatra (Nirou Forest)][AGORIUS GRACILIPES THORELL, 1877;SULAWESI;PM] [ Agorius semirufus Simon, 1901;Philippines (Luzon, Antipolo);][Agorius sp.unpublished- Simon - Proszynski 2003a-" ft. pr. Kha.la CBL"[??] ] [Agorius sp. 3- Proszynski 2003a ] [Agorius sp. 5 - Proszynski 2003a] [ Agorius sp. 13- Proszynski 2003a] [ANARRHOTUS FOSSUIATUS SIMON, 1902;P. MALAYSIA;PM.SP] [ARTABRUS ERYTHROCEPHALUS (KOCH, C.L., 1846)] JAVA] [Artabrus jolensis Simon, 1902; Philippines (Jolo)] [Asemonea cristata Thorell, 1895; Myanmar (Tharrawaddy)] Asemonea picta Thorell, 1895; Myanmar (Tharrawaddy)] [Asemonea pinangensis Wanless, 1980; P. Malaysia (Pinang)] [Asemonea sichuanensis Song, Chai, 1992; China (Sichuan)][ASEMONEA TENUIPES (P.-CAMBRIDGE, 0., 1869); SRI LANKA;MY.TL] [ Attus? chlorommattus Cantor, 1842;China (Zhejiang); Attus? melanopus Giebel, 1863;Thailand ][AUGUSTAEA FORMICARIA SZOMBATHY, 1915; SINGAPORE; PM.SP [Ballus tabupumensis Petrunkevitch, 1914;Myanmar (Tabu Pum)][Bathippus birmanicus Thorell, 1895; Myanmar (Yangon)]; [Bathippus macilentus Thorell, 1892; Sumatra (Sungei Bulu)] [BATHIPPUS MACROGNATHUS (THORELL, 1881);NEW GUINEA] [ Bathippus manicatus Simon, 1902;Borneo (Sarawak?)][Bathippus morsitans Pocock, 1897;Sarawak (Baram River)][ [Bathippus palabuanensis Simon, 1902;Java (Palabouan)] [Bathippus schalleri Simon, 1902;P. Malaysia (Pinang)] [Bathippus sedatus Peckham, Peckham, 1907;Sarawak (Mt Penrissen)][Bathippus shelfordi Peckham, Peckham, 1907;Sarawak] [Bathippus trinotatus Thorell, 1895;Myanmar (Tharrawaddy)] [BAVIA AERICEPS SIMON, 1877;PHILIPPINES (MANILA); PM, PH, SP, SU] [Bavia annamita Simon, 1903; Vietnam (Phuc-Son); Vietnam][Bavia capistrata (Koch, C.L., 1848); Indonesia (Bintan)]; [Bavia decorata (ThoreU, 1890); Sumatra] [Bavia hians (ThoreU, 1890); Sumatra][Bavia sexpunctata (Doleschall, 1859); Singapore; JA, SP, SU] [Bavia smedleyi Reimoser, 1929; Sumatra (Siberut)] [Bianor aeneiceps (Simon, 1901) = Modunda aeneiceps ;Sri Lanka; HK.SC [Bianor angulosus (Karsch, 1879) Burma, Sri Lanka; China; Vietnam ] [Bianor balius (Thorell, 1890); Sumatra (Singalang); Nias; HK.SC SU JA. [Bianor diversipes Simon, 1901; P. Malaysia (Kelantan)] [Bianor hongkong Song, Xie, Zhu, Wu, 1997;China (Hong Kong)][; [Bianor hotingchiehi Schenkel, 1963;; China (Hubei); PH, SC, VN][Bianor incitatus Thorell, 1892; Sumatra (Singalang); JA,SU] [Bianor inexploratus Logunov, 1991; C. Asia; SC[?]] [BIANOR MACULATUS (KEYSERLING, 1883); AUSTRALIA; SC,VN [Bianor monster Zabka, 1985; Vietnam (Phu Que)][Bianor simoni Zabka, 1985; Vietnam (Phu Ruy)][Bianor trepidans Thorell, 1895 = Bianor angulosus (Karsch, 1879); Myanmar (Tharrawaddy)] [BOCUS EXCELSUS PECKHAM, PECKHAM, 1892; PHILIPPINES (LUZON)]; [Bocus philippinensis Wanless, 1978; Philippines (Palawan)] [BRETTUS CINGULATUS THORELL, 1895; MYANMAR (THARRAWADDY); MY,SU][BRISTOWIA HETEROSPINA REIMOSER, 1934; KRAKATAU; PM, SC, SP, VN ] [[Burmattus albopunctatus (Thorell, 1895);Myanmar (Tharrawaddy)] [BURMAITUS POCOCKI (THORELL, 1895); Myanmar (Tharrawaddy);MY, SC, VN] [Burmattus sinicus Proszynski, 1992; China (Yunnan?)];[[CANAMA FORCEPS (DOLESCHALL, 1859); INDONESIA (AMBON);JA.PM] [Canama rutila Peckham, Peckham, 1907;Sarawak] [Carrhotus aeneochelis Strand, 1907;Java][Carrhotus barbatus (Karsch, 1880);Philippines (Luzon)] [Carrhotus coronatus (Simon, 1885);Sumatra (Fort de Kock);JA,MY,PM,SU,SC,VN][Carrhotus malayanus Proszynski, 1992;P. Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)][Carrhotus olivaceus (Peckham, Peckham, 1907);Sarawak][Carrhotus sannio (Thorell, 1877); Sulawesi; JA, MY, PM, SC, SU, VN] [Carrhotus tristis Thorell, 1895;Myanmar (Tharrawaddy)][CARRHOTUS VIDUUS (KOCH, C.L., 1846);JAVA or INDONESIA (BINTAN); MY, PM, SC, SP, SU][CARRHOTUS xanthogramma SC, TW, VN][CEGLUSA POLITA THORELL, 1895;MYANMAR (THARRAWADDY)] [Chalcolecta amplectans (Doleschall, 1859);Java (Tjihanjawar)][CHALCOLECTA DIMIDIATA SIMON, 1884; INDONESIA (MOLUCCAS)] [Chalcolecta zosterifera (Doleschall, 1859);Java (Tjihanjawar)] [Chalcoscirtus vietnamensis Zabka, 1985; Vietnam (Hanoi);] [CHALCOTROPIS ACUTIFRENATUS SIMON,1902;JAVA (PALABOUAN);][Chalcotropis decemstriata Simon, 1902;Philippines (Luzon, Antipole)];[Chalcotropis luceroi Barrion, Litsinger, 1995;Philippines (Luzon)][Chalcotropis praeclara Simon, 1902;Philippines (Luzon, Manila & Quingu)PH][CHARIPPUS ERRANS THORELL, 1895;MYANMAR (YANGON)][CHELICEROIDES LONGIPALPIS ZABKA, 1985;VIETNAM (CUC PHUONG);SC,VN] [Chrysilla delicata Thorell, 1892;Sumatra;MY, PM, SC, SU][Chrysilla doriae ThoreU, 1892; Sumatra (Sungei Bulu);PM, SU][CHRYSILIA LAUTA THORELL, 1887;MYANMAR (BHAMO);MY, SC, VN [Cobanus beebei Petrunkevitch, 1914; Kalimantan] [COCALUS CONCOLOR KOCH. C.L., 1846;INDONESIA (BINTAN);] [Cocalus murinus Simon, 1899;Sumatra (Painan); SP, SU][COLYTTUS BILINEATUS THlORELL, 1891;MALAYSIA (PINANG); PM, SU] [Colyttus lehtineni Zabka, 1985; Vietnam (Vinh Phu); SC, VN][Copocrossa harpina Simon, 1903;Sumatra (Nirou Forest);][Copocrossa politiventris Simon, 1901;P. Malaysia (Perak)][Cosmophasis estrellaensis Barrion, Litsinger, 1995;Philippines (Palawan)][Cosmophasis laticlavia (Thorell, 1892) ; Sumatra (Sungei Bulu)][Cosmophasis longiventris Simon. 1903;Vietnam (Phuc-Son)][Cosmophasis marxi (Thorell, 1892);Java; JA, SU] [Cosmophasis parangpilota Barrion, Litsinger. 1995;Philippines (Mindanao)][Cosmophasis quadricincta (Simon, 1885);Singapore] [COSMOPHASIS THALASSINA (KOCH, C.L., 1846);INDONESIA (BINTAN); JA, PM, SU][Cosmophasis trioipina Barrion, Litsinger, 1995; Philippines (Luzon)][Cosmophasis umbratica Simon, 1903;Sumatra (Nirou Forest); PM, SP, SU][Cosmophasis viridifasciata (Doleschall, 1859) ;Indonesia (Ambon); JA, PM, SU] [Cosmophasis weyersi (Simon, 1899);Sumatra (Painan)][CYRBA ALGERINA (LUCAS, 1846); N.AFRICA; W, S, C, E Asia][Cyrba armillata Peckham, Peckham, 1907;Sarawak][Cyrba ocellata (Kroneberg, 1875);Uzbekistan (Samarkand); E Africa; S, C, E Asia; Australia.]
[Cyrba szechenyii Karsch, 1897);China (Hong Kong)][Cytaea dispalans (Thorell, 1892);Java; JA, SU][Cytaea guentheri Thorell, 1895;Myanmar (Tharrawaddy)] [Cytaea haematica Simon, 1902;Java (Palabouan, Lombok I.); JA][Cytaea oreophila Simon, 1902;Java (Tengger Mountains); JA, SU]
[Cytaea sinuata (Doleschall, 1859);Indonesia (Ambon); PH, PM, SU][DAVIDINA MAGNIDENS BRIGNOLI, 1985;Indonesia (Ambon); PH, PM, SU] [D
endryphantes potanini Logunov, 1993; China (Sichuan)][DIPLOCANTHOPODA MARINA ABRAHAM, 1926;P. MALAYSIA (PORT DICKSON)][DONOESSUS NIGRICEPS (SIMON, 1899);SUMATRA (PAINAN); SP, SU][Donoessus striatus Simon, 1902; Borneo (Sarawak?)][ECHECLUS CONCINNUS THORELL, 1890;MALAYSIA (PINANG)] [Emathis a.= Lepidemathis astorgasensis Barrion, Litsinger, 1995;Philippines (Panay)][Emathis coprea (Thorell, 1890);Sumatra; PM, SU][Emathis makilingensis Barrion, Litsinger, 1995;Philippines (Luzon)][Emathis scabra (Thorell, 1890);Sumatra][EMATHIS WEYERSI SIMON, 1899;SUMATRA (PAINAN); BO, PH, SU, VN][Epeus alboguttatus (Thorell, 1887);Myanmar (Yangon); MY, SP, SC, VN][Epeus bicuspidatus (Song, Gu, Chen, 1988);China (Hainan); SC] [Epeus edwardsi Barrion, Litsinger, 1995;Philippines (Mindanao)][Epeus flavobilineatus (Doleschall, 1859);Java (Hariang)][Epeus glorius Zabka, 1985;Vietnam (Phu Que); SC, VN][Epeus hawigalboguttatus Barrion, Litsinger, 1995;Philippines (Mindanao)][Epeus mirus (Peckham, Peckham, 1907);Sarawak][EPEUS TENER (SIMON, 1877);PHILIPPINES (LUZON or BASILAN)][EPOCILLA AURANTIACA (SIMON, 1885); INDIA; MY, PM][Epocilla blairei Zabka, 1985;Vietnam; SC, VN][Epocilla calcarata (Karsch, 1880);Sulawesi (Macassar); SC, SP, SR. VN][Epocilla femoralis Simon, 1901; Sumatra (Padang)][Epocilla innotata Thorell, 1895; Myanmar (Tharrawaddy)][Epocilla picturata Simon, 1901;China (Hong Kong); (Sp. Inq.)][Epocilla praetextata Thorell, 1892; Java; JA, MY, PM, SP, S][ERASINUS FLAGELIIFER SIMON, 1899;SUMATRA (PAINAN)][Erasinus flavibarbis Simon, 1902;Java (Gede Mountains)][Erasinus gracilis Peckham, Peckham, 1907;Sarawak][Ergane benjarei (Peckham, Peckham, 1907) ;Sarawak][Euophrys albopatella Petrunkevitch, 1914 = Phintella albopatella (Petrunkevitch, 1914) ;Myanmar (Wahsaung)][Euophrys atrata Song, Chai, 1992;China (Hubei)][Euophrys cooki Zabka, 1985;Vietnam (Phu Que)][Euophrys giebeli Thorell, 1892;Java (Tjibodas)][Euophrys kulczynski Thorell, 1890;P. Malaysia (Pinang)][Euophrys poloi Zabka, 1985;Vietnam (Quang Ninh)][[Euophrys p. = Phintella pygmaea Wesolowska, 1981;China (Guangdong)(Hong Kong][Eupoa hainanensis Peng, Kim, 1997;China (Hainan][Eupoa maculata Peng, Kim, 1997;China (Hainan)][EUPOA PRIMA ZABKA, 1985;VIETNAM (BAG THAI);VN] [Eupoa yunnanensis Peng, Kim, 1997;China (Yunnan)][Evarcha albaria (Koch, L., 1878);Japan;SC][Evarcha bicoronata (Simon, 1901);China (Hong Kong);HK,(Sp. Inq.);VN;][Evarcha bulbosa Zabka, 1985;Vietnam (Ta Pinh);SC,VN][Evarcha cancellata (Simon, 1902);Sri Lanka;JA][Evarcha coreana Seo, 1988;Korea;SC] [[Evarcha c. = Pancorius crassipes (Karsch, 1881);Japan;Poland(?); SC.TW, VN][Evarcha fasciata Seo, 1992; Korea;SC][Evarcha flavocincta (Koch, C.L., 1848);Indonesia (Bintan);JA,PM,SC,SP,VN][Evarcha gausapata (Thorell, 1892);Sumatra (Singalang); JA,SU][Evarcha hirticeps (Song, Chai, 1992);China (Hubei)][Evarcha hunanensis Peng, Xie, Kim, 1993;China (Hunan);SC][Evarcha optabilis (Fox, 1937);China (Sichuan);SC][Evarcha orientalis (Song,Chai,1992);China (Hubei)][Evarcha paralbaria Song, Chai,1992;China (Hubei);SC] [Evarcha petrae Proszynski, 1992;Thailand (Doi Suthep)][Evarcha pococki (Thorell, 1895);Myanmar (Tharrawaddy);MY,SC,VN][Evarcha proszynskii Marusik, Logunov, 1997;Russia?;SC][Evarcha pseudopococki Peng, Xie, Kim, 1993;China (Guangxi)][Evarcha pulchella (Thorell, 1895);Myanmar (Tharrawaddy)][Evarcha sichuanensis Peng, Xie, Kim, 1993;China (Sichuan)][Evarcha simonis (Thorell, 1892);Sumatra (Sungei Bulu);SP,SU][Evarcha wulingensis Peng, Xie, Kim, 1993;China (Hunan)][FEATHEROIDES TYPICUS PENG, YIN, XIE, KIM. 1994; CHINA (HUNAN);SC] [Featheroides yunnanensis Peng, Yin, Xie, Kim, 1994;China(Yunnan)][Flacillula albofrenata (Simon, 1905);Java (Bogor)][Flacillula incognita Zabka, 1985; Vietnam(Hanoi)][FLACILLULA LUBRICA (SIMON, 1901);SRI LANKA] [GAMBAQUEZONIA ITIMANA BARRION, LITSINGER, 1995; PHILIPPINES(LUZON)] Gangus manipisus Barrion, Litsinger, 1995;Philippines (Mindanao)]Gedea daoxianensis Song, Gong, 1992;China (Hunan)] GEDEA FLAVOGULARIS SIMON, 1902;JAVA (PALABOUAN)] [Gedea sinensis Song, Chai, 1991;China (Hainan)] Gedea sp. from Ambengan Proszynski - this Catalogue ver. 2003] Gedea sp. from Thailand Proszynski - this Catalogue ver. 2003][Gedea tibialis Zabka, 1985;Vietnam (Hanoi)]Gedea unguifcirmis Xiao, Yin, 1991;China(Guangxi)][Gelotia argenteolimbata (Simon, 1900);Singapore][Gelotia bimaculataThorell, 1892;Sarawak; KM,SR,SU][GELOTIA FRENATA THORELL, 1892;SUMATRA (SUNGEI BULU)] [Gelotia lanka Wijesinghe, 1991 Sri Lanka] [Gelotia salax Thorell, 1877; Celebes] [Gelotia syringopalpis Wanless, 1984;P. Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur);PM,SC,SP,SR][HABROCESTOIDES BENGALENSIS PROSZYNSKI,1992; INDIA] [Habrocestoides dactyloides Xie,Peng,Kim,1993;China(Hunan);SC] [Habrocestoides darjeelingus Logunov, 1999; India: W Bengal] [Habrocestoides emeiensis Peng, Xie, 1995;China (Sichwan);SC][Habrocestoides furcatus Xie, Peng, Kim, 1993;China (Hunan)][Habrocestoides geminus (Song, Chai, 1992);China (Sichuan)][Habrocestoides kweilinensis = Habrocestum? (Proszynski,1992);China(Guangxi)] [Habrocestoides phulchokiensis Logunov, 1999; Nepal] [Habrocestoides sinensis Proszynski, 1992;China (Hubei)][Habrocestoides tibialis (Zabka, 1985);Vietnam (Yen Bai);SC,VN][Habrocestoides undulatus (Song, Chai, 1992);China (Hubei);SC][Habrocestoides validus Xie, Peng, Kim, 1993;China (Hunan);SC] [Habrocestoides wulingensis Peng et Xie, 1995 China: Hunan][Habrocestoides wulingoides Peng, Xie, 1995;China (Hunan)] [presumed Habrocestoides sp Proszynski, 1992; from Iran, Nepal and Bhutan][Habrocestum hongkongiensis Proszynski, 1992;China (Hong Kong)][Habrocestum orientale Zabka. 1985;Vietnam (Cuce Phuong)] [ Hakka himeshimensis (Donitz, Strand, 1906);Japan; SC][HARMOCHIRUS BRACHIATUS (THORELL, 1877);SULAWESI][Harmochirus pullus = Sibianor p. (Bosenberg, Strand, 1906);Japan;SC][HASARINA CONTORTISPINOSA SCHENKEL, 1963; CHINA (GANSU); [HASARIUS ADANSONI (Savigny et Audouin, 1825); smopolitic in warm climate][Hasarius coelestis Karsch, 1880;Philippines (Luzon)][Hasarius egaenus Thorell, 1895;Myanmar (Yangon)] [Hasarius elisabethae Thorell, 1890;Sumatra (Sibolga)][Hasarius kulczynskii Zabka, 1985; Vietnam (Cuc Phuong)][Hasarius mccooki = Xenocytaea m.Thorell, 1892;Java][Hasarius rusticus Thorell, 1892;Myanmar (Modha)][Hasarius scylax Thorell, 1892;Sumatra (Singalang;SU][Hasarius sobarus Thorell, 1892;Sumatra (Singalang)][Hasarius workmani Thorell, 1892;Sumatra (Singalang)] [Hasarius sp.n. from Philippines in Barrion et Litsinger, 1995; Philippines: Luzon Is.] [Heliophanus wulingensis Peng, Xie, 1996;China(Hunan) nom. nud.?] [Heratemita alboplagiata (Simon, 1899);Philippines (Luzon, Quingua)][HERATEMITA CHRYSOZONA (SIMON, 1899); SUMATRA (PAINAN)][Hispo alboguttata Simon, 1903;Sumatra (Nirou Forest)][HISPO CINGULATA SIMON, 1885;MADAGASCAR] [HOLOPLATYS PLANISSIMA (KOCH,L.,1879);AUSTRALIA;SU][Homalattus deplanatus = Rhene d. Karsch,1880 ;Philippines (Luzon)][HOMALATTUS PUSTULATUS (WHITE, 1841);W. AFRICA][Hyllus cephalodes (Doleschall, 1859);Java (Bogor)][Hyllus decoratus Thorell. 1887;Myanmar(Shwegoo-Myo)][Hyllus diardi (Walckenaer, 1837);Vietnam (Cochin);probably all SE Asia][HYLLUS GIGANTEUS KOCH, C.L., 1846;INDONESIA;JA,SU][Hyllus gulosus (Simon, 1877);Philippines (Manila)][Hyllus janthinus (Koch, C.L.. 1846);Indonesia (Bintan)] [Hyllus keratodes (Hasselt, 1882);Sumatra (Padang)][Hyllus lacertosus(Koch,C.L.,1846);Java or Indonesia (Bintan);JA,PM,SP,SU,VN] [Hyllus maskaranus Barrion, Litsinger, 1995;Philippines (Mindanao)][Hyllus nebulosus Peckham, Peckham, 1907;Sarawak (Bidi)][Hyllus pudicus Thorell, 1895;Myanmar (Tharrawaddy);MY,PM] [Hyllus pulcherrimus Peckham, Peckham, 1907;Sarawak][Hyllus robinsoni Hogg, 1919;Sumatra (Korinchi Peak)][Hyllus walckenaeri (White, 1846);Sulawesi;BO][Icius glauochirus (Thorell, 1890);Sumatra;PM.SU] [ Icius hongkong Song, Xie, Zhu, Wu, 1997; China (Hong Kong)]; [IDASTRANDIA ORIENTALIS (SZOMBATHY,1915)SINGAPORE,PM,SP] [Irura bicolor Zabka, 1985;Vietnam (Vinh Phu)] [Irura hamatapophysis (Peng.Yin, 1991);China (Hunan)][Irura longiochelicera (Peng.Yin, 1991);China (Hunan);SC][Irura mandarina Simon, 1903;Vietnam (Phuc-Son)] [Irura prima - lapsus! nom. nudum][[IRURA PULCHRA PECKHAM, PECKHAM,1901; SRI LANKA] [Irura pygaea (Thorell, 1891);P. Malaysia(Pinang)] [Irura trigonapophysis (Peng,Yin,1991);China(Guangdong);SC] [Irura yueluensis (Peng,Yin,1991);China (Hunan);SC] [Irura yunnanensis (Peng,Yin,1991);China (Yunnan)] [Langerra longicymbium Song,Chai,1991;China (Hainan)] [LANGERRA OCULINA ZABKA, 1985;VIETNAM (LUC YEN);SC] [Langona bhutanica Proszynski,1978;Bhutan;SC] [Langona hongkong Song,Xie,Zhu,Wu,1997;China (Hong Kong)] [LANGONA REDII (AUDOUIN, 1826);Bhutan] [LAUFEIA AENEA SIMON, 1899;JAPAN] [Laufeia eucola (ThoreU, 1892);Sumatra (Ajer Mancior)] [Laufeia keyserlingi (Thorell, 1892);Sumatra (Singalang);JA,SU] [Laufeia perakensis (Simon, 1901);P. Malaysia (Perak);JA,PM] [Laufeia proszynskii Song, Gu, Chen, 1988;China (Hainan)] [Laufeia scutigera Zabka, 1985;Vietnam (Cue Phuong);VN] [LECHIA SQUAMATA ZABKA, 1985;VIETNAM (HANOI);SC,VN] [Lepidemathis haemorrhoidalis (Simon,1899);Philippines (Luzon, Antipolo)] [LEPIDEMATHIS SERICEA (SIMON, 1899);PHILIPPINES (MANILA, ANTIPOLO)] [LIGDUS CHELIFER THORELL, 1895;MYANMAR (THARRAWADDY)] [LIGURRA LATIDENS .(DOLESCHALL, 1859);JAVA (TJIHANJAWAR);PM to PH] [LYCIDAS ANOMALUS KARSCH, 1878;AUSTRALIA] [Lycidas furvus Song, Chai, 1992;China (Hubei)] [Macaroeris moebi (Bosenberg, 1895);Canary I. (Tenerife);SC)] [Maevia albizonata Hasselt, 1882;Sumatra (Solok)] [Maevia atricapilla (Doleschall, 1859);Java (Bogor)] [Maevia auricapilla (Doleschall, 1859);Java (Tjimanaoel)] [Maevia cypria = Cosmophasis c. (?) Thorell, 1892;Java] [Maevia debilis (Giebel, 1863);Thailand (?)] [Maevia gemmans Thorell, 1892;Sumatra (Singalang)] [Maevia luteocincta Thorell, 1891;Nicobar Is.;PM?] [Maevia luzonica Karsch, 1880;Philippines (Luzon)] [Maevia margaritacea (Hasselt, 1893);Sumatra] [Maevia metallica (Giebel, 1863);Thailand (?)] [Maevia micans Koch, C.L., 1848; Indonesia (Bintan)] [Maevia nuda (Giebel, 1863);Thailand(?)] [Maevia paula Koch, C.L., 1848;Indonesia (Bintan)] [Maevia pavo (Doleschall, 1859);Java (Hariang)] [Maevia persecta Thorell, 1890;P. Malaysia (Pinang)] [Maevia psittacina Thorell, 1887;Myanmar(Bhamo)] [Maevia quadrilineata Hasselt, 1882; Sumatra (Fort de Kock)] [MAGYARUS TYPICUS ZABKA, 1985; VIETNAM (CUC PHUONG)] [MAILEUS FUSCUS PECKHAM, PECKHAM, 1907;SARAWAK] [Mantisatta longicauda Cutler, Wanless, 1973;Philippines (Luzon)] [MANTISATTA TRUCIDANS WARBURTON, 1900;SARAWAK] [Mantius armipotens Peckham, Peckham, 1907;Sarawak] [Mantius difficilis Peckham, Peckham, 1907;Sarawak] [Mantius frontosus (Simon, 1899);Java (Palabouan)] [Mantius ravidus (Simon, 1899);Sumatra (Painan)][MANTIUS RUSSATUS THORELL, 1891; MALAYSIA (PINANG)][Marengo chelifer Simon, 1900;Java (Bogor)][MARENGO CRASSIPES PECKHAM,PECKHAM,1892; SRI LANKA] [Marengo grammica (Simon, 1900);Philippines (Luzon)][Marengo porosa Wanless, 1978;P. Malaysia (Fraser's Hill)] [Marengo thomsoni Wanless, 1978;Borneo (Makunjung)][MARGAROMMA FUNESTUM KEYSERLING; 1882;AUSTRALIA] [Margammma spatiosum Peckham, Peckham, 1907;Sarawak][Marpissa elata Thorell, 1881;New Guinea(Ramoi)PM][Marpissa elongata = Mendoza e.(Karsch, 1879);Japan;SC,TW] [Marpissa magister = Mendoza m. (Karsch, 1879);Japan;SC,VN][Marpissa nannodes Thorell, 1892;Sumatra (Singalang)][Marpissa nobilis (Grube, 1861);Siberia;SC][Marpissa obscura = Mendoza o. Kroneberg, 1875;C Asia;SC][Marpissa pulchra = Mendoza p. Proszynski, 1981;Japan;SC][Marpissa pulla (Karsch, 1879);Japan;SC,TW] [Meata fungiformis Xiao, Yin, 1991;China(Yunnan)][MEATA TYPICA ZABKA, 1985;VIETNAM (HANOI)][Menemerus bivittatus (Dufour, 1831);Spain;probably all SE Asia][Menemerus bonneti Schenkel,1963;Vietnam (Vinhi);SC][Menemerus felix Hogg, 1922;Vietnam(Langbiang Mountains)][Menemerus fulvus (Koch,L.,1877);Japan;probably all SE Asia] [Menemerus legendrei Schenkel, 1963; China (Yunnan)][MENEMERUS SEMILIMBATUS (HAHN,1827);Mediterranean to N Africa;Uzbekistan;Argentina] [Menemerus wuchangensis Schenkel,1963;China (Hubei)][Menemerus yunnanensis Schenkel, 1963;China (Yunnan)][Microhasarius animosus Peckham, Peckham,1907;Sarawak][MICROHASARIUS PAUPERCULUS SIMON, 1902;JAVA(GEDE MOUNTAINS)][Microhasarius ? sp. from Sumbawa: Semokut] [Mintonia bani Ikeda, 1995 Japan ] [Mintonia breviramus Wanless, 1984;Sarawak(Mt.Dulit);SR][Mintonia caliginosa Wanless, 1987;Sabah(MtKinabalu N.P.)][Mintonia mackiei Wanless, 1984;Kalimantan (Balikpapan)][Mintonia melinauensis Wanless, 1984;Sarawak(Gunung Mulu N.P.)][Mintonia nubilis Wanless, 1984;Kalimantan (Sepaku)][Mintonia protuberans Wanless, 1984; Singapore][Mintonia ramipalpis (Thorell, 1890);Sumatra;JA,SR,SU][Mintonia silvicola Wanless, 1987;P. Malaysia (Taman Negara)] [MINTONIA TAURICORNIS WANLESS, 1984;SARAWAK (GUNUNG MULU N.P.)SR][Myrmarachne albicrurata Badcock, 1918;P. Malaysia (Ban Sai Kau, K. Mahek)PM][Myrmarachne alticeps (Thorell, 1892);Java (Tjibodas)][Myrmarachne annamita Zabka, 1985;Vietnam (Cue Phuong) SC,VN][Myrmarachne annandalei Simon, 1901;P. Malaysia (Kelantan)][Myrmarachne assimilis Banks, 1930;Philippines (Luzon)PH][Myrmarachne attenuata (Karsch, 1880)Philippines (Luzon)SP,PH][Myrmarachne bakeri Banks, 1930;Philippines (Luzon)][Myrmarachne bidentata Banks, 1930;Philippines (Luzon)PH][Myrmarachne biseratensis Badcock, 1918;P. Thailand (Biserat)][Myrmarachne borneensis Peckham, Peckham, 1907;Sarawak][Myrmarachne caliraya Barrion, Litsinger, 1995;Philippines (Luzon)][Myrmarachne capita (Thorell,1892)Indonesia (Java?)] [Myrmarachne chapmani Banks,1930;Philippines (Luzon?)][Myrmarachne clavigera (Thorell,1877);Sulawesi;PM][Myrmarachne contracta (Karsch,1880);Sri Lanka;IN][Myrmarachne cornuta Badcock,1918;P. Malaysia (Bukit Besar)][Myrmarachne corpusrarosae Barrion,1981; Philippines?][Myrmarachne cuneata Badcock, 1918;P Malaysia(Bukit Besar,Talum,Ged)PM][Myrmarachne debilis (Thorell,1892);Java] [Myrmarachne decorata Reimoser, 1927;Sumatra (Labuan)][Myrmarachne dubia (Peckham, Peckham,1892);Philippines (Luzon)][Myrmarachne edentula (Peckham, Peckham,1892);Philippines (Luzon)][Myrmarachne elongata Szombathy, 1915;Africa (Uganda);MY,SC,VN;Java] [Myrmarachne exasperans (Peckham, Peckham, 1892):Java; (Bantam);JA,PH][Myrmarachne formicaria (De Geer, 1778);Sweden (Palaearctics) ;SC][Myrmarachne formosa (Thorell, 1892);Sumatra (Ajer Mancior);SU][Myrmarachne formosana (Matsumara, 1911);Taiwan;(Sp.Inq.)][Myrmarachne formosicola Strand, 1910;Taiwan;(Sp. Inq.)][Myrmarachne gedongensis Badcock, 1918;P Malaysia(Gedong,Bukit Besar)PM] [Myrmarachne gigantea Zabka, 1985;Vietnam (Thanh Ha)VN][Myrmarachne gisti Fox, 1937;China (Jiangsu)SC][Myrmarachne globosa Wanless, 1978;Africa(Angola)SC,VN][Myrmarachne hanoii Zabka, 1985;Vietnam (Hanoi)][Myrmarachne inermichelis Bosenberg, Strand, 1906;Japan;TW][Myrmarachne iridescens Banks, 1930;Philippines (Luzon)][Myrmarachne jacobsoni Reimoser, 1925; Sumatra (Suban Ajam)][Myrmarachne japonica (Karsch, 1879);Japan;SC,TW][Myrmarachne kiboschensis Lessert, 1925; Africa (Tanzania);?MY,SC,VN][Myrmarachne kochi Reimoser, 1925;Sumatra?;IN,SU][Myrmarachne kuwagata Yaginuma, 1967;Japan;SC] [Myrmarachne laeta (ThoreU, 1887);Myanmar (Bhamo or Yangon)MY,SU][Myrmarachne laeta praelonga Strand, 1909;China (Guangdong)(Sp. Inq.)] [Myrmarachne lateralis Badcock, 1918;P Malaysia (Bukit Besar,Sungkei)][Myrmarachne legon Wanless, 1978;Africa (Ghana)MY,VN] [Myrmarachne leptognatha (Thorell, 1892)Java (Tjibodas)][Myrmarachne lesserti Schenkel, 1963;China (Hong Kong)][Myrmarachne linguiensis Zhang, Song, 1992;China (Guangxi)] [Myrmarachne lugubris (Kulczynski, 1895)E. Asia (Ussurica)SC,VN][Myrmarachne lurida (Simon, 1885);Singapore][Myrmarachne macgregori Banks, 1930;Philippines (Luzon)][Myrmarachne macrognatha (Thorell, 1894)Java] [Myrmarachne mandibularis (Thorell, 1892)Indonesia (Java?)][Myrmarachne manducator (Westwood, 1841)India;IC,MY,SP,SU] [Myrmarachne markaha Barrion, Litsinger, 1995;Philippines (Mindanao)PH][[Myrmarachne maxillosa (Koch, C.L., 1846) ;Java;JA,MY,PM,SC,SP,SU][Myrmarachne nemorensis (Peckham, Peckham, 1892)Myanmar][Myrmarachne nigella Simon, 1901;Philippines (Manila)] [Myrmarachne onceana Barrion, Litsinger, 1995;Philippines (Palawan)][Myrmarachne opaca (Karsch, 1880);Philippines (Luzon)][Myrmarachne patellata Strand, 1907;China (Guangdong)(Sp.Inq.)][Myrmarachne paviei (Simon,1886);Myanmar(Tepong)][Myrmarachne pectorosa (Thorell, 1892);Sumatra (Singalang)][Myrmarachne pectorosa stemodes (Thorell, 1892);Sumatra (Singalang)][Myrmarachne piercei Banks, 1930;Philippines (Negros)][Myrmarachne pinakapalea Barrion, Litsinger, 1995;Philippines (Luzon)] [Myrmarachne pinoysorum Barrion, Litsinger, 1995;Philippines (Panay)][Myrmarachne plataleoides (P.-Cambridge, 0., 1869);Sri Lanka;probably all SE Asia][Myrmarachne prognatha (Thorell, 1887);Myanmar (Minhia)][Myrmarachne pygmaea (Thorell, 1894);Singapore] [Myrmarachne radiata (Thorell, 1894);Java][Myrmarachne ramosa Badcock, 1918;P. Thailand (Bukit Besar, Biserat)PM][Myrmarachne rhopalota (Thorell, 1895);P. Thailand (Bukit Besar, Biserat);PM][Myrmarachne robusta (Peckham, Peckham, 1892);Myanmar][Myrmarachne seriatis Banks, 1930;Philippines (Panay)][Myrmarachne shelfordi Peckham, Peckham, 1907;Sarawak] [Myrmarachne sp. 5 from Bali] [Myrmarachne sp. 12 from Bali] [[Myrmarachne sp. 13 from Bali] [Myrmarachne tagalica Banks, 1930;Philippines (Mindao)][Mynnarachne tayabasana Chamberlin, 1925;Philippines][[Myrmarachne thaii Zabka, 1985;Vietnam (Lao Cai)][Myrmarachne topali Zabka, 1985;Vietnam (Hanoi)][Myrmarachne turriformis Badcock, 1918;P. Malaysia (Bukit Besar, Talum)PM][Myrmarachne vestita (Thorell, 1895);Myanmar(Tharrawaddy)][Myrmarachne volatilis (Peckham, Peckham, 1892);Madagascar;SC,VN][Myrmarachne vulgarisa Barrion, Litsinger, 1995;Philippines (Luzon)][Nannenus lyriger Simon, 1902;Singapore][NANNENUS SYRPHUS SIMON, 1902;SINGAPORE] [Nannenus sp. Sumatra] [Neobrettus cornutus Deeleman-Reinhold, Floren, 2003, Borneo, Sabah, Mt. Kinabalu] [Neobrettus phui Zabka, 1985;Vietnam (Bac Thai)][NEOBRETTUS TIBIALIS (PROSZYNSKI, 1978);BHUTAN;PM] [Neon minutus Zabka, 1985;Vietnam (Quang Ninh)TW,VN][NEON RETICULATUS (BLACKWALL, 1853);BRITAIN (Holarctic);SC] [Neon sumatranus Logunov, 1998;Sumatra;SB,SU][NICYLLA SUNDEVALLI THORELL, 1892;SUMATRA (SINGALANG)] [NUNGIA EPIGYNALIS ZABKA, 1985;VIETNAM (LAO CAI)SC,VN][OCRISIONA LEUCOCOMIS (KOCH, L., 1879); AUSTRALIA][Ocrisiona? frenata Simon, 1901;China (Hong Kong)][OGDENIA MUTILLA (PECKHAM, PECKHAM, 1907); SARAWAK] [Onomastus complexipalpis Wanless, 1980;Kalimantan (Santan)][ONOMASTUS NIGRICAUDUS SIMON, 1900;SRI LANKA][Onomastus simoni Zabka, 1985;Vietnam(Cuc Phuong)] [Orsima sp. from Anai Sumatra ][ORSIMA CONSTRICTA SIMON, 1901;W.AFRICA][Orsima ichneumon (Simon, 1901);Sumatra (Padang)PM,SR,SU][ORTHRUS BICOLOR SIMON, 1900;PHILIPPINES (LUZON)] [Orthrus calilungae Barrion, 1998 , Philippines: Luzon] [Orthrus muluensis Wanless, 1980;Sarawak (Gunong Mulu N.P)SR][Orthrus palawanensis Wanless, 1980;Philippines (Palawan)][PADILLA ARMATA PECKHAM, PECKHAM, 1894;MADAGASCAR][Padilla javana Simon, 1900;Java (Gede Mountains)][Palpelius albofasciatus Peckham, Peckham, 1907 ;Sarawak][Palpelius arboreus Peckham, Peckham, 1907;Sarawak]PALPELIUS BECCARII (THORELL, 1881);NEW GUINEA][Palpelius nemoralis Peckham, Peckham, 1907;Sarawak][Pancorius animosus Peckham, Peckham, 1907;Sarawak][Pancorius borneensis Simon, 1902;Borneo (Sarawak?)][Pancorius curtus (Simon, 1877);Philippines (Luzon or Basilan) [Pancorius dabanis (Hogg, 1922);Vietnam (Pharang Province) [Pancorius borneensis Simon, 1902 Borneo] [Pancorius changricus Zabka, 1990 Bhutan ] [Pancorius crassipes (Karsch, 1881) China, Japan, Viet Nam] [Pancorius dabanis (Hogg, 1922) Viet Nam] [Pancorius darjeelingianus Proszynski, 1992 from India] [PANCORIUS DENTICHELIS (SIMON, 1899); SUMATRA (PAINAN)] [Pancorius fasciatus Peckham, Peckham, 1907;Sarawak] [Pancorius goulufengensis Peng, Yin, Yan, Kim, 1998 China: Hunan] [Pancorius hainanensis Song, Chai, 1991; China (Hainan)][Pancorius hongkong Song, Xie, Zhu, Wu, 1997;China (Hong Kong)] [Pancorius kaskiae Zabka, 1990 Nepal ] [Pancorius magnus Zabka, 1985;Vietnam (Cuc Phong)] [Pancorius magniformis Zabka, 1990 Bhutan ][Pancorius minutus Zabka, 1985;Vietnam (Chine);SC,VN] [Pancorius naevius Simon, 1902;Java (Palabouan); JA, SU][Pancorius protervus (Simon, 1902);Singapore] [Pancorius relucens (Simon, 1901);China (Hong Kong)][Pancorius scoparius Simon, 1902;Java (Pengalengan)] [Pancorius submontanus Proszynski, 1992 from India] [Pancorius tagorei Proszynski, 1992 from India][Pancorius thorelli (Simon, 1899);Sumatra (Painan)] [Panysinus nicholsoni (P.-Cambridge, 0., 1899);Indonesia?][PANYSINUS NITENS SIMON, 1901;P. THAILAND (JALOR); PM, SU][Panysinus semiargenteus (Simon, 1877);Philippines (Luzon or Basilan)][PARACYRBA WANLESSI ZABKA, KOVAC, 1996;P. MALAYSIA (SELANGOR)] [Phaeacius alabangensis Wijesinghe, 1991;Philippines (Luzon)][Phaeacius biramosus Wijesinghe, 1991; Sumatra (Lampung)][Phaeacius canalis Wanless, 1981;Philippines (Luzon)][PHAEACIUS FIMBRIATUS SIMON, 1900; JAVA (GEDE MOUNTAINS); JA, SU] [Phaeacius lancearius (Thorell, 1895);Myanmar (Tharrawaddy & Tonghoo)MY ][Phaeacius leytensis Wijesinghe, 1991;Philippines (Leyte)][Phaeacius mainitensis Barrion, Litsinger, 1995;Philippines (Palawan)][Phaeacius malayensis Wanless, 1981;Singapore; PM, SP, SU] [Phaeacius saxicola Wanless, 1981; Nepal] [Phaeacius wanlessi Wijesinghe, 1991; Sri Lanka, Nepal ] [Phaeacius yunnanensis Peng, Kim, 1998; Yunnan] [PHAUSINA FIAVOFRENATA SIMON, 1902;SRI LANKA][Phausina leucopogon Simon, 1905;Java (Bogor & Tjibodas)][Phidippus severus (Thorell, 1891);. Malaysia (Pinang); [Phintella abnormis (Bosenberg, Strand, 1906);Japan;SC][Phintella accentifera (Simon, 1901);India; SC, VN ][Phintella aequipeiformis Zabka, 1985;Vietnam (Lao Cat); SC, VN][Phintella albopatella (Petrunkevitch, 1914) ;Myanmar (Wahsaung)]] [Phintella arenicolor (Grube, 1861);Siberia; SC] [Phintella argenteola (Simon, 1903);Vietnam (Phuc Son)] [Phintella assamica Proszynski, 1992, from India][Phintella bifurcilinea (Bosenberg, Strand, 1906);Japan; SC][Phintella bunyiae Barrion, Litsinger, 1995;Philippines (Panay);VN][Phintella cavaleriei (Schenkel, 1963);China (Gansu); SC] [Phintella cavaleriei (Schenkel, 1963); China][Phintella clathrata (Thorell. 1895);Myanmar (Tharrawaddy)] [Phintella coonooriensis Proszynski, 1992; from India][Phintella debilis (ThoreU, 1892);Sumatra (Sungei Bulu); probably all SE Asia][Phintella dives (Simon, 1899);Sumatra (Painan)][Phintella hainani Song, Gu, Chen, 1988;China (Hainan)] [Phintella indica (Simon, 1901);Vietnam (Saigon)][Phintella leucaspis (Simon, 1903);Sumatra (Nirou Forest)][Phintella linea (Karsch, 1879);Japan; SC][Phintella lucai Zabka, 1985;Vietnam (Luc Yen)][Phintella melloteei (Simon, 1888);Japan; SC] [Phintella piatensis Barrion, Litsinger, 1995;Philippines (Luzon)] [Phintella nilgirica Proszynski, 1992; India][Phintella suavis (Simon, 1885);P. Malaysia; PM, SC, VN] [Phintella tibialis = Habrocestoides tibialis Zabka, 1985;Vietnam (Cue Phuong)][PHINTELLA TYPICA = Ph. bifurcilinea BOSENBERG, STRAND, 1906;JAPAN][Phintella versicolor (Koch, C.L., 1846);Indonesia (Bintan); probably all SE Asia] [Phintella vittata (Koch, C.L., 1846);Indonesia (Bintan); probably all SE Asia][Phlegra micans Simon, 1901;China (Hong Kong); (Sp. Inq.)][Phlegra pisarskii Zabkai, 1985;Vietnam (Chine); SC. VN][Phlegra semipullata Simon, 1901;China (Hong Kong); (Sp. Inq.)] [PIRANTHUS DECORUS THORELL, 1895;MYANMAR (THARRAWADDY)][Plexippoides bicuspidatus Song, Gu, Chen, 1988,;China (Hainan)][Plexippoides cornutus Xie, Peng, 1993;China (Guizhou)][Plexippoides discifer (Schenkel, 1953);China (Beijing);SC] [Plexippoides doenitzi (Karsch, 1879);Japan; SC][Plexippoides potanini Proszynski, 1984;China (Sichuan); SC][Plexippoides regius Wesolowska, 1981;Korea; SC][Plexippoides szechuanensis Logunov, 1993;China (Sichuan)] [Plexippoides tristis Prochniewicz, 1990; Himalaya: Nepal] [Plexippoides validus Xie, Yin. 1991;China (Guizhou); SC] [Plexippoides zhangi Peng, Yin, Yan, Kim, 1998; China: Hunan] [Plexippus bhutani Zabka, 1990;Bhutan; SC][Plexippus caeruleus Karsch, 1880;Philippines (Luzon [Plexippus calcutaensis (Tikader, 1974)= Plexippus petersi ;India;PH][Plexippus coccinatus Thorell, 1895;Myanmar (Yangon); MY, SP] [Plexippus incognitus Donitz, Strand, 1906;Japan; TW] [Plexippus intermedius Karsch, 1880;Philippines (Luzon)][Plexippus lividus Karsch, 1880;Philippines (Luzon)][Plexippus malayensis Simon, 1864;P. Malaysia (Malacca)][Plexippus nigrifrons Koch, C.L., 1846;Indonesia?] [PLEXIPPUS PAYKULLI (AUDUOIN, 1826);EGYPT; probably all SE Asia][Plexippus perfidus Thorell, 1895;Myanmar (Tharrawaddy)][ Plexippus petersi (Karsch, 1878);Mozambique; probably all SE Asia][Plexippus planiceps Karsch, 1880;Philippines (Luzon)] [Plexippus setipes Karsch, 1879;Japan; SC, VN][Plexippus simplicissimus Karsch, 1880;Philippines (Luzon)][Plexippus unicolor Karsch. 1880;Philippines (Luzon)][Portia albimana (Simon, 1900);S. India (Dehra-Dun); SP, VN][Portia assamensis Wanless, 1978;Assam; MY. PM][Portia crassipalpis (Peckham, Peckham, 1907);Sarawak (Kuching); PM, SP, SR][Portia fimbriata (Doleschall, 1859); Indonesia (Ambon); probably all SE Asia] [Portia heteroidea Xie, Yin, 1991;China (Hunan); SC] [Portia hoggi Zabka, 1985;Vietnam (Vinh Phu)][Portia jianfeng Song, Zhu, 1998;China (Hainan)][Portia labiata (Thorell, 1887);Myanmar (Bhamo); probably all SE Asia] [Portia orientalis Murphy, Murphy, 1983;China (Hong Kong)][Portia quei Zabka. 1985;Vietnam (Phu Que); SC, VN][PORTIA SCHULTZI KARSCH, 1878; E AFRICA][Portia subvexus (Thorell. 1890); Nias Nom. Dub.][PSELCIS LATIFASCIATUS (SIMON, 1877);PHILIPPINES (LUZON or BASILAN)][PSEUDAMYCUS ALBOMACULATUS (HASSELT, 1882); SUMATRA (SOEPAJANG); JA, PM, SU] [ Pseudamycus amabilis Peckham, Peckham, 1907;Sarawak][Pseudamycus canescens Simon, 1899;Sumatra (Painan)][Pseudamycus flavopubescens Simon, 1899;Sumatra (Painan)] [Pseudamycus hasselti Zabka, 1985;Vietnam; JA, VN][Pseudamycus sylvestris Peckham. Peckham, 1907; Sarawak][Pseudicius chinensis Logunov, 1995; China (Sichuan)][Pseudicius decemnotatus Simon, 1885;Singapore; PM, SP][Pseudicius himeshimensis = Hakka himeshimensis (Donitz, Strand, 1906);Japan; SC][Pseudicius kaszabi (Zabka, 1985);Vietnam (Xuan Dinh)][Pseudicius koreanus Wesolowska, 1981; Korea; SC] [Pseudicius manillaensis Proszynski, 1992;Philippines (Luzon)][Pseudicius maureri Proszynski, 1992;P. Malaysia (Batu Caves)][Pseudicius originalis (Zabka, 1985);Vietnam (Hanoi)][Pseudicius philippinensis Proszynski, 1992;Philippines (Luzon)][Pseudicius reiskindi Proszynski, 1992;Brunei (Brunei River)][Pseudicius szechuanensis Logunov, 1995;China (Sichuan)][Pseudicius vesporum Proszynski, 1992;Philippines (Mindanao)][Pseudicius vulpes (Grube, 1861);Siberia; SC] [Ptocasius gratiosus Peckham, Peckham. 1907;Sarawak; SR. SP] [Ptocasius kinhi Zabka, 1985;Vietnam (Vinh Phu)][Ptocasius montiformis Song, 1991;China (Yunnan)][Ptocasius plumipalpis (Thorell, 1895);Myanmar (Tharrawaddy)][Ptocasius songi Logunov, 1995;China (Sichuan)] [Ptocasius strupifer Simon, 1901;China (Hong Kong);HK, SC, SU, VN] [Ptocasius vittata Song, 1991;China (Hainan)][PTOCASIUS WEYERSI SIMON, 1885;SUMATRA (FORT de KOCK)] [Ptocasius (?) yashodharae (Tikader, 1977a). Andaman Is. sp. inq.] [Ptocasius yunnanensis Song, 1991;China (Yunnan)][PYSTIRA EPHIPPIGERA (SIMON. 1885);SUMATRA (BODJO I.); BO, PM. SP. SU] [Rhene albigera (Koch, C.L., 1848);Indonesia (Bintan);PM, SC, SU] [[Rhene atrata (Karsch, 1881);Japan; SC, TW ] [Rhene biembolusa Song. Chai, 1991;China (Hainan); S.C][Rhene brevipes (Thorell, 1891);Sumatra (Edi?)][Rhene bufo (Doleschall, 1859);Indonesia (Ambon); MY, PM, SU] [Rhene candida Fox, 1937;China(Sichuan)][RHENE FLAVIGERA (KOCH, C.L., 1848);INDONESIA (BINTAN); PM, SB, SC, SP. SU, VN][Rhene habahumpa Barrion, Litsinger, 1995; Philippines (Mindanao); Rhene hinlalakea Barrion, Litsinger, 1995= Rhene deplanata (Karsch, 1880);Philippines (Leyte)][Rhene hirsuta (ThoreU, 1877);Sulawesi; HK, PM] [Rhene indica Tikader, 1973 India, Andaman Is.][Rhene ipis Fox, 1937;China (Sichuan); SC] [Rhene khandalaensis Tikader, 1977 India][Rhene mordax (Thorell, 1892);Java (Tjibodas);JA][Rhene nigrita (Koch, C.L., 1848);Indonesia (Bintan); PM, SU][Rhene rubrigera (Thorell, 1887);Myanmar (Bhamo); MY, PM, SC, SU, VN][Rhene saeva (Giebel, 1863);Java (?)][Rhene setipes Zabka, 1985; Vietnam (Luc Yen); SP, VN] [Rhene spuridens Strand, 1907;Java][Rhene triapophyses Peng, 1995;China (Yunnan)][RHOMBONOTUS GRACILIS (KOCH, L., 1879);AUSTRALIA][Rhombonotus similis Hasselt, 1882;Sumatra (Boven-Rawas)][ROGMOCRYPTA ELEGANS (SIMON, 1885);NEW CALEDONIA][Rogmocrypta nigella Simon, 1900;Philippines (Antipolo)][Rogmocrypta puta Simon, 1900; Philippines][Salticus potanini Schenkel, 1963;NE. Asia.;SC][Servaea murina Simon, 1902;Java (Palabouan)][SERVAEA VESTITA (KOCH, L., 1879)AUSTRALIA][Siler bielawskii Zabka, 1985;Vietnam (Cue Phuong); SC, VN][Siler collingwoodi (P.-Cambridge, 0., 1871);China (Hong Kong); HK, SC][SILER CUPREUS SIMON, 1889;JAPAN; SC][Siler flavocinctus (Simon, 1901) ;Singapore][Siler hanoicus Proszynski, 1985;Vietnam (Hanoi)][Siler pulcher Simon, 1901;P. Malaysia (Kelantan)][Siler semiglaucus (Simon, 1901);Philippines (Luzon);& Sri Lanka); probably all SE Asia][Simaetha damongpalaya Barrion, Litsinger, 1995;Philippines (Luzon)] [Simaetha furiosa (Hogg, 1919);Sumatra (Korinchi Peak)][Simaetha makinanga Barrion, Litsinger, 1995;Philippines (Luzon)] [SIMAETHA THORACICA THORELL, 1881;AUSTRALIA][ Simaethula formosana Saito, 1923; Taiwan][Sitticus clavator Schenkel, 1936;China (Gansu); SC][Sitticus fasciger (Simon, 1880);China (Gansu); SC][Sitticus penicillatus (Simon, 1875);France; SC] [Sitticus sinensis Schenkel, 1963;China (Gansu); SC][Spartaeus heterospinosus Song, Chai, 1992;China (Guizhou); SC] [Spartaeus jiangfengensis Song, Chai, 1991;China (Hainan)][SPARTAEUS SPINIMANUS (THORELL, 1878);INDONESIA (AMBON); JA, PM, SR][Spartaeus thailandicus Wanless, 1984;Thailand (Doi Suthep); SC][Spartaeus uplandicus Barrion, Litsinger, 1995;Philippines (Palawan)][Spartaeus wildtracki Wanless, 1987;P. Malaysia (Tarnan Negara); PM] [Spartaeus zhangi Peng et Li, 2002 China][Stagetillus elegans (Reimoser, 1927);Sumatra (Peak Kota Baru)][STAGETILLUS OPACICEPS SIMON, 1885; SUMATRA (BODJO I.); SU][Stagetillus semiostrinus (Simon, 1901);P. Thailand (Jalor or Kelantan)][Stenaelurillus hainanensis Peng, 1995;China (Hainan)][Stenaelurillus minutus Song, Chai, 1991;China (Hainan)][STENAELURILLUS NIGRICAUDUS SIMON, 1885;W. AFRICA][Stenaelurillus setosus (Thorell, 1895);Myanmar (Tenasserim)][Stertinius capucinus Simon, 1902;Java (Gede Mountains)][STERTINIUS DENTICHELIS SIMON, 1890;MARIANAS?] [Stertinius ? leucomelas (Thorell, 1891) Philippines - Manila] [Stertinius leucostictus (Thorell, 1892);Sumatra (Ajer Mancior); JA?] [Stertinius niger Merian, 1911 Indonesia: Sulawesi (Celebes) [Stertinius nobilis (Thorell, 1890) Sulawesi] [Stertinius pilipes Simon, 1902;Philippines (Luzon, Manila & Quingu); PH] [Stertinius sp. from Sumatra ][STICHIUS ALBOMACULATUS THORELL, 1890;SUMATRA (SIBOLGA)] [SYNAGELIDES AGORIFORMIS STRAND, 1906;JAPAN][Synagelides annae Bohdanowicz, 1979;Japan; SC] [Synagelides birmanicus Bohdanowicz, 1987;Myanmar (Kambaiti)][Synagelides cavaleriei Schenkel, 1963;China (Gansu); SC][Synagelides dhaulagiricus Bohdanowicz, 1987 Nepal ] [Synagelides gambosus Xie, Peng, 1995;China (Hunan); SC] [Synagelides gorapanicus Bohdanowicz, 1987 Nepal ] [Synagelides gosainkundicus Bohdanowicz, 1987 Nepal ] [Synagelides himalaicus Bohdanowicz, 1987 Nepal ] [Synagelides huangsangensis Peng, Yin, Yan, Kim, 1998 China: Hunan ] [Synagelides jiricus Bohdanowicz, 1987 Nepal][Synagelides longus Song, Chai, 1992;China (Hubei)][Synagelides lushanensis Xie, Yin, 1990;China (Jiangxi)] [Synagelides martensi Bohdanowicz, 1987 Nepal ] [Synagelides nepalensis Bohdanowicz, 1987 Nepal ] [ Synagelides nishikawai Bohdanowicz, 1979 Nepal ] [Synagelides oleksiaki Bohdanowicz, 1987 Nepal ] [Synagelides palpalis Zabka, 1985;Vietnam (Luc Yen); SC, VN] [Synagelides thodungus Bohdanowicz, 1987 Nepal ][Synagelides tianmu Song, 1990;China (Zhejiang)] [Synagelides tukchensis Bohdanowicz, 1987 Nepal ] [Synagelides ullerensis Bohdanowicz, 1987 Nepal ] [ Synagelides walesai Bohdanowicz, 1987 Nepal ] [Synagelides wangdicus Bohdanowicz, 1978 Bhutan ] [Synagelides wuermlii wuermlii Bohdanowicz, 1978 Bhutan ] [Synagelides wyszynskii Bohdanowicz, 1987 Nepal ] [Synagelides yunnan Song, Zhu, 1998;China (Yunnan)] [Synagelides zhilcovae Proszynski, 1979 Russia: Primore] [Synagelides sp. by Bohdanowicz Bohdanowicz, 1987 Nepal ] [Synagelides sp. 1&2 by Proszynski , 1992 from India ] [TAIVALA INVISITATA PECKHAM, PECKHAM, 1907;SARAWAK][Talavera aequipes (P.-Cambridge, 0., 1871);Britain; SC] [Taraxella hillyardi Wanless, 1987; P. Malaysia (Gunong Jerai)][Taraxella petrensis Wanless, 1987;Sumatra (Harau N.R.)][Taraxella reinholdae Wanless, 1987;SU Sarawak (Bako N.R)][TARAXELLA SOLITARIA WANLESS, 1984;SARAWAK (GUNUNG MULU N.R)][Taraxella sumatrana Wanless, 1987;Sumatra (Bohorok)][TASA DAVIDI (SCHENKEL, 1963);CHINA (SHAANXI); SC][Tasa nipponica Bohdanowicz, Proszyn. 1987;Japan; SC] [Telamonia albolimbata (Simon, 1885) Sumatra] [Telamonia annulipes Peckham, Peckham, 1907;Sarawak] [Telamonia bombycina (Simon, 1902);Borneo (Sarawak?); BO][Telamonia caprina (Simon, 1903);Vietnam (Phuc-Son); SC, VN] [Telamonia cristata Peckham, Peckham, 1907:Philippines (Manila)][Telamonia dimidiata (Simon, 1899);Sumatra (Painan); SP. SU] [Telamonia elegans (Thorell, 1887);Myanmar (Bhamo);probably all SE Asia][TELAMONIA FESTIVA THORELL, 1887; MYANMAR (BHAMO); probably all SE Asia][[Telamonia formosa (Simon, 1902);Java (Palabouan)][Telamonia hasselti (Thorell, 1878);Indonesia (Ambon); probably all SE Asia ] [Telamonia laecta Prochniewicz, 1990 Bhutan] [Telamonia leopoldi Roewer, 1938;New Guinea IN][Telamonia leucaspis Simon, 1903;Sumatra (Nirou Forest)] [Telamonia luxiensis Peng, Yin, Yan, Kim, 1998 China: Hunan ][Telamonia masinloc Barrion, Litsinger, 1995;Philippines (Luzon)][Telamonia mustelina Simon, 1901;China (Hong Kong); (Sp. Inq.)] [Telamonia parangfestiva Barrion, Litsinger, 1995;Philippines (Mindanao)][Telamonia peckhami Thorell, 1891;Nicobar Is. Sumatra][ Telamonia prima Prochniewicz, 1990 Bhutan ][Telamonia resplendens Peckham, Peckham, 1907;Sarawak] [Telamonia setosa (Karsch, 1880) Philippines: Luzon: Jagor ][Telamonia sponsa (Simon, 1902);Sri Lanka;JA][Telamonia trochila (Doleschall, 1859);Java (Hariang)] [Telamonia vlijmi Proszynski, 1984;Japan; SC][THIANELLA DISJUNCTA STRAND, 1907;JAVA][Thiania abdominalis Zabka, 1985;Vietnam (Cue Phuong)][Thiania bhamoensis Thorell, 1887;Myanmar (Bhamo); probably all SE Asia][Thiania chrysogramma Simon, 1901;China (Hong Kong); (Sp. Inq.)] [Thiania cavaleriei Schenkel, 1963 China] [Thiania ? coelestis (Karsch 1880) comb. n. - JPr] , Luzon, Jagor][Thiania cupreonitens (Simon, 1899);Sumatra (Painan)][Thiania demissa (Thorell, 1892);Sumatra (Sungei Bulu); KR, JA, SU][Thiania formosissima (Thorell, 1892);Borneo] [Thiania gazellae (Karsch, 1878) N Guinea] [Thiania inermis (Karsch, 1879);China (Hong Kong)][Thiania jucunda Thorell, 1890;Nias] [Thiania luteobrachialis Schenkel, 1963 (Labelled in the collection Thiania "luteola") Lo Thoei-Tong (China?)][THIANIA PULCHERRIMA KOCH, C.L., 1846;INDONESIA?; IC, JA, PM, SU][Thiania roseofasciata Doleschall, 1859;Java (Hariang)][Thiania setosa Karsch, 1880;Philippines (Luzon)][Thiania sinuata Thorell, 1890;P. Malaysia (Pinang)] [Thiania sp. n. from Sumatra ][Thiania suboppressa Strand, 1907;China (Guangdong); SC, VN][Thiania subserena Simon, 1901;P. Malaysia (Perak)] [Thiania viridimicans Simon, 1901;India (Trichinopoly); SU][Thiania viscaensis Barrion, Litsinger, 1995;Philippines (Leyte)] [THIANITARA SPECTRUM SIMON, 1903;SUMATRA] [Thianitara sp. from Thailand][Thorelliola biapophysis Gardzinska, Patoleta 1997 Ambon, Banda ] [ Thorelliola dumicola Berry, Beatty, Proszynski, 1997 Pacific: Caroline Is. - Ponape ] [THORELLIOLA ENSIFERA (THORELL, 1877);SULAWESI; probably all SE Asia] [Thorelliola glabra Gardzinska, Patoleta, 1997 Banda ] [Thorelliola javaensis Gardzinska, Patoleta, 1997 Java][Thorelliola mahunkai Szuts, 2002 SE Papua-N Guinea] [ Thorelliola trucilonga Gardzinska, Patoleta, 1997 N Guinea ] [Thyene bivittata Xie, Peng, 1995;China (Yunnan); SC] [THYENE IMPERIALIS (ROSSI, 1846);ITALY; SC][Thyene orientalis Zabka, 1985;Vietnam; SC. VN][Thyene radialis Xie, Peng, 1995;China (Hunan)] [Thyene triangula Xie. Peng, 1995;China (Yunnan)][Thyene yuxiensis Xie, Peng, 1995;China (Yunnan); SC] [UROBALLUS OCTONOTATUS SIMON, 1902; SRI LANKA] [Uroballus peckhami Zabka. 1985;Vietnam (Hanoi)][VAILIMA MASINEI PECKHAM, PECKHAM, 1907;SARAWAK] [Vailima sp. from Sarawak ][Viciria albolimbata Simon, 1885;Sumatra (Fort de Kock)][Viciria arrogans Peckham, Peckham, 1907;Sarawak [Viciria capistrata (Koch, C.L., 1848);Indonesia (Bintan)][Viciria concolor Peckham, Peckham, 1907;Sarawak] [Viciria detrita Strand, 1922;Sumatra (Bandar Bahive)] ["Viciria" diatreta Simon, 1902 S India ][Viciria lucida Peckham, Peckham, 1907;Sarawak] [Viciria miranda Peckham, Peckham, 1907;Sarawak][Viciria moesta Peckham, Peckham, 1907;Sarawak][Viciria paludosa Peckham, Peckham, 1907;Sarawak] [VICIRIA PAVESI THORELL, 1877;SULAWESI][Viciria petulans Peckham, Peckham, 1907;Sarawak][Viciria praemandibularis (Hasselt, 1893);Sumatra; SP, SU][Viciria semicoccinea Simon, 1902;Java (Gede Mountains)] [Wanlessia denticulata Peng, Tso et Li, 2002 Taiwan] [WANLESSIA SEDGWICKI WIJESNIGHE, 1992;SARAWAK (KAPIT)][Yaginumaella badongensis Song, Chai, 1992;China (Hubei)] [Yaginumaella bilaguncula Xie, Peng, 1995;China (Yunnan)] [ Yaginumaella bhutanica Zabka, 1981 Bhutanbhutanica ] [Yaginumaella cambridgei Zabka, 1981 Bhutan ][Yaginumaella flexa Song, Chai, 1992;China (Hunan)] [Yaginumaella gogonaica ] [Yaginumaella helvetorum Zabka, 1981 Bhutan] [ Yaginumaella hybrida Zabka, 1981 Bhutan] [Yaginumaella hyogoensis Bohdanowicz et Proszynski, 1987 Japan] [ Yaginumaella incognita Zabka, 1981 Bhutan] [Yaginumaella intermedia Zabka, 1981 Bhutan] [Yaginumaella lobata Peng, Tso et Li, 2002 Taiwan] [Yaginumaella longnanensis Yang, Tang et Kim, 1997 China: Gansu] [ Yaginumaella medvedevi Proszynski, 1979 China; Korea; Russia: Primore - Ussuri]Yaginumaella montana Zabka, 1981;Bhutan; SC] [Yaginumaella nanyuensis Xie, Peng, 1995;China (Hunan)] [ Yaginumaella nepalica Zabka, 1980 Nepal] [ Yaginumaella nobilis Zabka, 1981 Bhutan] [ Yaginumaella nova Zabka, 1981 Bhutan] [Yaginumaella orientalis Zabka, 1981 Bhutan] [Yaginumaella originalis Zabka, 1981;Myanmar (Kambaiti, 2000m)] [ Yaginumaella pilosa Zabka, 1981 Bhutan] [Yaginumaella senchalensis Proszynski, 1992 from India] [Yaginumaella silvatica Zabka, 1981 Bhutan] [Yaginumaella simoni Zabka, 1981 Bhutan] [Yaginumaella stemmleri Zabka, 1981 Bhutan] [ Yaginumaella strandi Zabka, 1981 Bhutan] [ Yaginumaella striatipes (Grube, 1861) Russia:Primore-Ussuri, Kunashiro Is.; Korea] [ Yaginumaella supina Zabka, 1981 Bhutan] [ Yaginumaella tenella Zabka, 1981 Bhutan] [Yaginumaella tenzingi Zabka, 1980 Nepal ] [Yaginumaella thimphuica Zabka, 1981 Bhutan] [Yaginumaella urbanii Zabka, 1981 Bhutan] [YAGINUMAELLA USUSUDI (YAGINUMA, 1972);JAPAN] [Yaginumaella variformis Song, Chai, 1992;China (Hubei)] [Yaginumaella versicolor Zabka, 1981 Bhutan] [Yaginumaella wangdica Zabka, 1981 Bhutan] [ Yaginumaella wuermli Zabka, 1981 Bhutan] [Zeuxippus atellanus Thorell, 1895;Myanmar (Tonghoo)] [ZEUXIPPUS HISTRIO THORELL, 1891;NICOBAR IS.][Zeuxippus pallidus Thorell, 1895;Myanmar (Tharrawaddy);MY, SC, VN] [Zeuxippus yunnanensis Peng, Xie, 1995;China (Yunnan); SC]. 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