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Salticidae: Diagnostic Drawings Library

by Jerzy Proszynski 1997

Bianor hotingchiehi Schenkel, 1963

Considered synonym of B. angulosus by Logunov 2001; See also drawings by Barrion]

No. 0443 China; Viet-Nam

>========2. by Peng et al.<=====================> 3. Distribution by Proszynski, 1976

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2. Peng X.[ianj-in], Xie L.[iping], Xiao X.[iaoquin] 1993. Salticidae in China. Hunan Normal University Press, 27, figs 34-42. [in Chinese, English summary]. With Authors' permission. With Authors' permission.
3. Proszynski J. 1976. Studium systematyczno-zoogeograficzne nad rodzina Salticidae (Aranei) Regionow Palearktycznego i Nearktycznego. Rozprawy Wyzszej Szkoly Pedagogicznej, 6. Siedlce: map 127.

4. Bohdanowicz A., Heciak S. 1980. Redescription of two species of Salticidae (Aranei) from China. Annales zoologici, Warszawa, 35: 254-255, f 10-19.

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