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adapted  from: "Salticidae (Araneae) of the World"  

Jerzy Prószyński 2008

Chalcoscirtus parvulus (Marusik 1991)

species dubious, synonymy uncertain, compare C. martensi

No. 2256 Iran; Uzbekistan Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; Tadjikistan; Turkmenistan; Uzbekistan; Turkey, Aegean

1. by Logunov

2. C. martensi parvulus: Marusik 1991a: 26-28, ff. 1-7

3. Marusik 1991b: 24, ff. 5-6 ( =C. karakurt)

Source: 1. Logunov D. V., Marusik Yu. M. 1999. A brief review of the genus Chalcoscirtus Bertkau, 1880 in the faunas of Central Asia and the Caucasus (Aranei: Salticidae) Arthropoda Selecta, Moscow 7 (3): 224, figs 89-93, map 4. With Authors' and Editor's permission. 2. Marusik Y.M. 1991a. Pauki roda Chalcoscirtus (Aranei, Salticidae) fauny SSSR. Soobschenie 2. Zool. zhurnal, 70, 1: 26-29, ff. 1-9. 3. Marusik Y.M. 1991b. Pauki roda Chalcoscirtus (Aranei, Salticidae) fauny (Aranei, Salticidae) fauny SSSR. Soobschenie 3. Zool. zhurnal, 70, 2: 24, ff. 1.5-6. By courtesy.

Comment: Since description of differences with C. martensi Zabka 1981 given in this paper (page 225)are not convincing, and even not illustrated, I cosider C. parvulus species dubious - until proved otherwise. J. Proszynski.

Copyright for the page Jerzy Proszynski, 1999