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Museum and Institute of Zoology PAN, Warszawa, POLAND

Jerzy Prószyński    2008
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Salticidae (Araneae) of the World

Mendoza memorabilis (O.P.-Cambridge, 1876)

accoding to Logunov 1999b = Marpissa canestrini

No. 0348 Egypt, Israel


1. by Proszynski <======================> 3. by Logunov 1999b


(Note differences: bent posterior half of bulbus, slightly differnt receptaculum seminis channel, longer embolus and cymbium in Israeli specimen, as well as higher and differently shaped tibial apophysis; these differences may be due to different position of the object while drawing was made and/or different drawing technque, but they may also demonstrate different taxonomic status of both forms. J. Proszynski.)

2. Attus memorabilis by O. P.-Cambridge 1876

Source: 1. Original drawings by J. Proszynski in: J. Proszynski. Salticidae of Levant. Annales zoologici . 2003: 87-88, figs 338-340 (provisionally named M. canestrini pending solution of synonymy of M. memorabilis and M. canestrini ). With Author's and Editor's permission. 2. O. P.-Cambridge 1876: pl. 60, figs 88. 3. Logunov D.V. 1999b. Redefinition of the genera Marpissa C. L. Koch, 1946 and Mendoza Peckham & Peckham, 1894 in the scope of the Hoalarctic fauna (Araneae, Salticidae) . Revue Arachnologique, 13(3): 49-52, figs 78-79. With Author's and Editor's permission.

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