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Jerzy Prószyński 2008

Habrocestoides wulingensis Peng et Xie, 1995

No. 1386 China: Hunan

2. Original arguments for transfer to Chinattus - by Logunov 1999

3. Same or related species, reproduced from Song, Zhu, Chen 1999: 514, f. 301C-D

Source: 1. Peng X., Xie L. 1995a. Spiders of the genus Habrocestoides from China (Araneae: Salticidae). Bulletin British Arachnological Society, 10(2): 62, 39-43 ff. With Editors' and Authors' permission. 2. Logunov D.V. 1999. Redefinition of the Genus Habrocestoides Proszynski, 1992, with establishment of a new genus Chinattus gen. n. (Araneae, Salticidae). Bulletin British Arachnological Society, 11 (4): 148. With Editor's and Author's permission. 3.

3. Peng, X. J. & Xie. L. P.1996. A new species of the genus Heliophanus from China (Araneae: Salticidae). Acta zootaxon. sin. 21: 32-34, figs 1-4. (drawing copied after Song, Zhu, Chen 1999: 514, f. 301C-D. By courtesy) [NB. - presumably the same species, or closely related, if so homonym, to be replaced during nearest revision].
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