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Jerzy Prószyński 2008

Pancorius crassipes (Karsch, 1881)

No. 0469 Japan, Korea (+ incidental from Poland)

[Specimens from Vietnam - by Zabka]

6. by Boesenberg & Strand

1. types by Proszynski 1973b

2. by Bohdanowicz from Japan

3. by Proszynski - single specimen from Poland presumably borne by wind, did not establish population in Poland
(conspecifity uncertain)

4. by Proszynski 1976 <======================> 5. by Logunov, Marusik 2000b

Source: 1. Proszynski J. 1973b. Systematic studies on East Palaearctic Salticidae II. Redescriptions of Japanese Salticidae of the Zoological Museum in Berlin. Annales zoologici, Warszawa, 30: 107-110, f 25-32. 2. Bohdanowicz, Proszynski 1987a: 55-56, ff. 35-3. With Authors' and Editors' permission. 3. Single specimen from Poland presumably borne by wind. Proszynski J. 1991. Salticidae; 502, f 1344.3-4. In: Heimer S., Nentwig W. (eds.). Spinnen Mitteleuropas. Parey Verlag, Berlin, Hamburg. By courtesy.
4. Proszynski J. 1976. Studium systematyczno-zoogeograficzne nad rodzina Salticidae (Aranei) Regionow Palearktycznego i Nearktycznego. Rozprawy Wyzszej Szkoly Pedagogicznej, 6. Siedlce: map 133. With Author's and Editor's permission.
5. Logunov D.V., Marusik Y.M. 2000b. Catalogue of the jumping spiders of northern Asia (Arachnida, Araneae, Salticidae). KMK Scientific Press Ltd., Moscow: 180, map 17. [Note: transfer of males to Pancorius seems reasonable, however there is no clear resemblance between epigyne of female (lectotype of the species) and any other species of Pancorius, it would be good to confirm conspecificity of females and males).
6. Boesenberg W., Strand, E. 1906. Japanische Spinnen. Abh. senck. naturf. Ges., 30: 363, figs 139, 366. See also: Proszynski, Starega 1971: 272.

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