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Jerzy Prószyński 2008

Mendoza canestrini (Ninni in Canestrini, Pavesi, 1868)

See also Mendoza memorabilis and Marpissa magister

No. 0343 Mediterranean; Austria;
occurence in Central Asia and Far Eastern Palaearctics uncertain, require confirmation of species identity

1. By Proszynski (drawn prior to 1976) - published in Bohdanowicz, Proszynski 1987

2. By Proszynski 1979 - Marpissa salsophila - holotype.

3. by Wesolowska

4. by Logunov

5. by Metzner

6. by Proszynski 1976 <=================================> 7. Logunov, Marusik 2000

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