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Museum and i Institute of  Zoology PAN, Warszawa, POLAND
Jerzy Prószyński  2008

Salticidae (Araneae) of Selected Countries
checklists, keys and diagnostic drawings
a selection of www pages from Monograph of Salticidae (Araneae) of the World


The aim of the present electronic publication is to promote study of jumping spiders (Salticidae, Araneae) in selected countries of the world, and to
facilitate understanding, it is written in both English and national languages, whenever possible. 
It is addressed to students and to interested lay persons giving basic data for recognition of genera and species of local fauna, on the background
of information on related species in neighboring geographical areas. The knowledge of faunae of particular geographical areas is very unequal, but 
even in the most intensively studied countries there is a lot of unresolved questions: identification of species, especially observed and collected in
distant places, matching of sexes, definition of species and their synonymy. Opinions differs in literature, nothing is final and studied to the logical end,
so this publication contains almost all diagnostic drawings published in the literature to date, reflects different attitudes and encourages readers to 
form own opinion on particular species and their classification. It  is obvious that there is a lot to discover: new occurrence, new ecological properties,
new behavior, new definitions and new species. The reader is encouraged to add his contributions to this branch of science.

The first part of the publication for each country or geographical area is a check list of species, with names being hyperlinks to a species page, containing
diagnostic drawings, these pages may contain hyperlinks to subsequent pages on the same species, or comparable, and to photographs. Simplified keys to
 genera, illustrated with miniature drawings and/or photographs, contains hyperlinks to exemplary species of a genus, giving idea on diagnostic particularities,
related species can be found from each checklist page.

Full data on each species (including geographical distribution, synonyms, references and collections) can be found in the Internet monograph Salticidae 
(Araneae) of the World, especially in its Searchable Database <http://www.gsd-salt.miiz.waw.pl/salticidae.php>.
Copyright © for the page by J. Proszynski, 2008.