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Monograph of the Salticidae (Araneae) of the World 1995-2014
Introduction to alternative classification of Salticidae
a subchapter

A Key to Salticidae of the Indian Subcontinent
group of genera

trial version

by Jerzy Prószyński & John T.D. Caleb
Version June 7th, 2015

Disclaimer. This is a work in progress, continually being developed and revised. Proposed new taxonomic names, included here are not valid unless subsequently published in accepted taxonomic papers. Note on images. This introduction to a classification includes only species defined by diagnostic illustrations in the taxonomic literature and Internet, arranged by similarities of embolus and spermophor. Images are displayed as thumbnails to save space and allow for rapid scanning of supposedly closely-related species. Thumbnails are small versions of illustrations in other parts of the monograph, where are displayed together with particulars of their sources and permissions.


Type genus Simaetha .
Heratemita Irura Ligurra Simaetha Stergusa.


SIMAETHINAE are rather uniform looking spiders, with carapace trapezium shaped, flattened dorsally and with abrupt posterior wall. Palps uniform having oval bulbus with prominent spermophor encircling it. Embolus short, elongate triangular, arising from bulbus antero-laterally. In females spermathecae simple spherical chamber or two chambers, copulatory ducts short. Differs from Rhene by genital organs.

Guide to identification of genera by male palps

Guide to identification of genera by internal structure of epigyne

Guide to identification of genera by superficial appearance of epigyne

Guide to identification of genera by body shape

Guide to identification of genera by body color

Gen. Heratemita Strand, 1932
expected but not yet reported from Indian Subcontinent

Type species Heratemita chrysozona.

Heratemita chrysozona + b) tenenbaumi : Proszynski 1984c: 158 +b) Prˇszynski, Deeleman-Reinhold, 2012. Arthr. select.
21(1): 40, f 59-65. By courtesy.[Sumatra, Philippines].
Heratemita alboplagiata : Proszynski 1987: 41-42. By courtesy.

Gen. Irura Peckham, Peckham, 1901

Type species Irura pulchra.

Irura pulchra + b) mandarina + c) bicolor : Peckhams 1900. Bull. Wisc. Nat. Hist. 1(4): 227, pl II. f 3-3c + Proszynski
1984c. Atlas ...: 154 [Sri Lanka]+ b) Zabka 1985. Ann. zool., 39, 11: 233, f 241-245 + c) 232-233, f 236-240. By courtesy.
Irura prima + b) bidenticulata + c) pengi : Zabka 1985. Annales zoologici, 39, 11: 233-234, ff. 246-250
+b) Guo J., Zhang F., Zhu M. 2011b. A. arachn. 60: 89, f 1-10 +c) 91, f 11-16. By courtesy.

Gen. Ligurra Simon, 1903
expected but not yet reported from Indian Subcontinent

Type species Ligurra latidens .

Ligurra latidens : Proszynski 1984c. Atlas ...: 77. . By courtesy. ©Photo H. K. Tang + Koh J. 1989: 109.
By courtesy.[Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore].
Ligurra moniensis : Prószyński, Deeleman-Reinhold, 2010. Arthr. sel., 19(3): 173, 101-106. By courtesy..

Gen. Phyaces Simon, 1902

Type species Phyaces comosus.

Phyaces comosus : Wanless 1986. Bull. Brit. Mus. 50: 104-105, f 1A-H, 2A-G + Proszynski 1984c: 110. [Sri Lanka].

Gen. Simaetha Thorell, 1881
a few species reported from Sri Lanka but without documentation permitting recognition

Type species Simaetha thoracica .

Simaetha thoracica + sp : Davies Todd, Zabka 1989. Mem. Queensl. Mus.,27 (2): 221, t 25+ ęPhoto G. Anderson + R.Whyte. By courtesy.[Australia]. [Three irrecognizable species described from Sri Lanka (as Homalattus) by Karsch (1891)].
Simaetha robustior : Zabka M. 1994a. Rec. W. Australian Mus., 16: 514-518, f 9A-F, 10A-F + ęPhoto R.Whyte. By courtesy.
Simaetha tenuidens + sp : Zabka 1994a. Rec. W. Australian Mus., 16: 511, f 7A-E, 8A-F ęPhoto R.Whyte [sp?]. By courtesy..
Simaetha deelemanae +b) 3 x sp : Zhang J., Song D., Li D. 2003. Raffles Bull. Zool. 2003: 51 (2): 194-195, f 7a-e [Singapore].
+b) Simaetha sp. Singapore. © Photo H.K. Tang.+c) Singapore - ©Photo Hirzi Hussain - Zeen’s photostr. Creat. Comm. Attr. 3.0 Unport. Lic. +c) ©Photo Koh J. 2013: 223. Brunei. By courtesy.

Gen. Stergusa Simon, 1889

Type species Stergusa improbula .

Stergusa incerta + sp : Prˇszynski, Deeleman-Reinhold, 2010. Arthr. sel., 19(3): 180,138-141 + Prószyński note Internet
+ © Photo C.L. Deeleman (Sri Lanka, 2000 m). [3 species from Sri Lanka, devoid of pictorial documentation].

Gen. Stertinius Simon, 1890
expected but not yet reported from Indian Subcontinent

Type species Stertinius dentichelis.

Stertinius dentichelis +b) onoi +c) kumadai : Simon E. 1903. 832, fi 989 [=I] +b) Prˇszynski, Deeleman-Reinhold 2013 Arthr. select. 21(1)[?]: f 87-95 +c) Logunov, Ikeda,Ono. 1997. Bull. Nat. Sc. Mus., A (Zool.), 23 (1): 12-14, f 21-23, 27-30.