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Monograph of the Salticidae (Araneae) of the World 1995-2014
Introduction to alternative classification of Salticidae
a subchapter

A Key to Salticidae of the Indian Subcontinent
group of genera

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by Jerzy Prószyński & John T.D. Caleb
Version June 2nd, 2015

Disclaimer This is a work in progress, continually being developed and revised. Proposed new taxonomic names, included here, are not valid unless subsequently published in accepted taxonomic papers. Note on images This introduction to a classification includes only species with diagnostic illustrations in the taxonomic literature arranged by similarities of embolus and spermophor. Images are displayed as thumbnails to save space and allow for rapid scanning of theoretically closely-related species. Thumbnails are small versions of illustrations in other parts of the monograph, whera are displayed together with particulars of their sources and permissions.


Type genus Menemerus
Interactive index of genera Kima , Leptorchestes , Menemerus.

MENEMERINAE are recognizable by broad and fleshy basis of embolus, sitting laterally to bulbus, with tip either
double or, if single, followed dorsally by white, unsclerotized structure, usually little visible and known. Ducts in epigyne usually haevily sclerotized.

Gen. Kima Peckham & Peckham, 1902
expected, but not yet reported from Indian Subcontinent

Type species Kima africana.
DESCRIPTIONS Body ant-like, Kima has no stridulatory subocular row of setae, structure of epigyne seems incompatible with other genera of the group but, none the less, male and female seems to be are correctly matched (information from W. Wesołowska).

Kima africana +b) atra: Prószyński 1984c. Atlas ...: 75 (Type species).+ Peckhams 1903. Trans. Wisc. Acad.
14 (1):t 29, f 3, 3a-d + Wesolowska, Szeremeta. 2001. Ins. Syst. & Ev.,32(2): 222, figs 17-26.

Gen. Leptorchestes Simon, 1868
expected, but not yet reported from Indian Subcontinent

Type species Leptorchestes berolinensis.

Leptorchestes berolinensis : Prószyński 1991: 508, f 1357.1-5 (Type species) + Zabka 1997. Fauna Polski 19: 61-62, f 182-188
+ Greece. ęPhoto J. Lissner. By courtesy.
Leptorchestes sikorskii: Prószyński 2003: Ann. zool. 84-85, f 325-329. By courtesy.

Gen. Menemerus Simon, 1868

Type species Menemerus semilimbatus.

Menemerus semilimbatus . Prószyński. Annales zoologici. 2003: 95-97, figs 375-385 + ©Phot J. Lissner. By courtesy.
Menemerus bivittatus Prószyński. Ann. zool., 2003: 97, figs 341-344. + Wesolowska W. 1999.
Genus, 10(2): 267-271, figs 34-47. + Queensland: Brisbane. ©Phot R. Whyte, SOWN, 2010. By courtesy.
Menemerus davidi :. Prószyński. Ann. zool. 2003a:90-91, figs 345-346, 351-353+ 97, figs 347-348,
357-359. Wesolowska. 1999. Genus, 10(2): 279-281, f 78-89. By courtesy.
Menemerus falsificus + M. fulvus: Prószyński 2003a. Ann. zool.: 97, figs 390-393. By courtesy
Bohdanowicz, Prószyński 1987.Ann. zool., 41, 2: 92-96, figs 145-159. .
+ +
Menemerus nigeriensis + nigli Wesolowska, Russel-Smith, 2011 Ann. zool. 61(3): 580-581, f 93-95.
Wesolowska, Freudenschuss, 2012 Balochistan. Holotype. Genus: 23(3): 449-453, f 3-6.By courtesy.
Menemerus dhakuriensis +b) sp. : Tikader B. K. 1974b. Proc. Indian Acad. Sci., 79: 207, f. 7-8 +b) © Photo Dr. S. Chakrabarti. Menemerus raji Dyal 1935: 240, pl 17, f 172.