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Monograph of the Salticidae (Araneae) of the World 1995-2014
Introduction to alternative classification of Salticidae
a subchapter

A Key to Salticidae of the Indian Subcontinent
group of genera
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by Jerzy Prószyński & John T.D. Caleb
Version June 1st, 2015

Disclaimer This is a work in progress, continually being developed and revised. Proposed new taxonomic names, included here, are not valid unless subsequently published in accepted taxonomic papers. Note on images This introduction to a classification includes only species defined by diagnostic illustrations in the taxonomic literature arranged by similarities of embolus and spermophor. Images are displayed as thumbnails to save space and allow for rapid scanning of theoretically closely-related species. Thumbnails are small versions of illustrations in other parts of the monograph, whera are displayed together with particulars of their sources and permissions.


Interactive index of genera. Type genus Icius.
Anarrhotus, Artabrus, Burmattus, Cosmophasis_non-type related, Diplocanthopoda, Echinussa, Hakka, Helicius, Icius, Jajpurattus, Pilia, Stagetillus, Xuriella. GENERA OF UNCERTAIN POSITION: Hakka.


ICIINAE (type genus Icius Simon, 1876, type species Icius hamatus (Koch C.L., 1846) are delimited tentatively for genera resembling CHRYSILLINAE, but with basis of embolus not superimposed on bulbus, instead developed on its prolateral side anteriorly (as seen in Icius hamatus, below). Embolus usually short, parallel to anterior, rounded end of bulbus. Semi arching top of spermophor visible either atop bulbus, or somewhere posteriorly on its retro-lateral margin. Group contains variety of forms, resembling the above described structure, or departing partially from it. Spermathecae located in posterior part of epigyne, usually transversally oval, or globular. Ducts run straight from anterior copulatory openings, if openings more posterior then ducts make bent near anterior edge of epigyne (as in Hakka). Placement and delimitation of this group require further considerations.

Icius (s. str.) hamatus : Andreeva, Heciak, Proszynski. 1984. Ann. zool., 3, 13: 350, f. 1-5 + ©Photo M. Antoine Senglet By courtesy.

Guide to identification of genera of Iciinae by male palps

Guide to identification of genera by internal structure of epigyne

Guide to identification of genera by body shape and color pattern

Gen. Anarrhotus Simon, 1902
expected, but not yet reported from Indian Subcontinent

Type species Anarrhotus fossulatus.

Anarrhotus fossulatus + sp Sabah: Proszynski 1984a. Ann. zool., 37, 16: 401, figs 3-4 (Malaysia).
©Phot P. Koomen. By courtesy.

Gen. Artabrus Simon, 1902
expected, but not yet reported from Indian Subcontinent

Type species Artabrus erythrocephalus.

Artabrus erythrocephalus : Proszynski 1987.Atlas ..., 2-3 + Prˇszynski, Deeleman-Reinhold, 2010. Arthr. sel.,
19(3): 156, 1-12+© Murphy F. and J. 2000. Malaysian Nat. Soc., 1-624. By courtesy (Singapore, Indonesia).

Gen. Burmattus Prˇszynski, 1992

Type species Burmattus pococki

Burmattus pococki: Type species Proszynski 1984c. Atlas ..: 153 + Zabka 1985: 434-439, ff. 473-480. + Japan
©Photo A.Tanikawa, 2003. By courtesy. [Myanmar]
Burmattus gerensis + nitidus + : Hu J. L. 2001: 399, f. 253.1-3 + 392, f. 248.1-3 + 392, f. 248.1-3 .
By courtesy.( Qinghai–Tibet Plateau.)

Gen.Cosmophasis Simon, 1901

ATTENTION: Cosmophasis is a popular genus in Eastern Hemisphere tropics, recognizable in the field by irridescent light reflecting body
(due to transparent scale coverage) and bright color patter. However there are several groups of species, differing strikingly by shape
of palps and spermathecae. Drawings suggest splitting Cosmophasis into different genera are shown in group HYLLINAE.

Gen. Cosmophasis (micarioides group)

Type species Cosmophasis baehrae .

Cosmophasis (micarioides) micarioides: Żabka, Waldock 2012. Male + female ©Ann. zool.: 62(1): 130-131, f 39–48, 62
. + ©Photo R. Whyte. Bycourtesy. [Reference species -Australia, diversity].
Examples of diversity in color pattern
Cosmophasis bitaeniata + b) umbratica
: ©Photo R. Whyte [Australia] +b) Marcus Ng [Singapore]. By courtesy.
Cosmophasis olorina +b) undulata: Proszynski 1984c: 22© [20435 Kandy - Simon's coll] +b) Caleb, Karthikeyani (in press).
India. ęPhoto J.T.D. Caleb. By courtesy.

Gen. Diplocanthopoda Abraham, 1925
expected, but not yet reported from Indian Subcontinent

Type species Diplocanthopoda marina Abraham, 1925 .

Diplocanthopoda marina : Proszynski J. 1984c: 35. By courtesy [lives on inundated rocks on sea shore, Malaysia]

Gen. Echinussa Simon, 1901
expected, but not yet reported from Indian Subcontinent

Type species Echinussa vibrabunda.

Echinussa vibrabunda + imerinensis : Type species Proszynski 1987: 20. By courtesy.(Madagascar).

Gen. Hakka Berry & Prˇszynski, 2001
expected, but not yet reported from Indian Subcontinent

Type species Hakka himeshimensis Berry & Prószynski 2001
REMARKS. Palp resembling RUDAKIUS (syn. Pseudicius) cinctus group, no other resemblances.

Hakka himeshimensis Hawaiian + USA specimens - Proszynski in: Berry, Prószynski 2001. J. Arachn. 2001, vol. 29(2):
201-204, figs 1-7. + Marblehead, Essex Co., MA, USA. ©Photo R. Kaldari. By courtesy [Rocky sea shore - posibly around the world].

Gen. Helicius Prˇszynski, 1976
expected, but not yet reported from Indian Subcontinent

Type species Helicius cylindratus .

Helicius cylindratus +b) hilaryi Proszynski J. 1973b. [Type specimen in Dahl's permanent slide]. Ann. zool., 30: 125, figs 72-73
+ Yaginuma, Spiders of Japan,1986: 240, pl 64-3, f 133.4. +b)
Żabka, 1981b. Ent. Basil. 6: 39-40, figs 73-76 (Bhutan).
Helicius yaginumai : Proszynski 1976: 186 , figs 373-382 + ©Ono, Ikeda, Kono. 2009: 568, pl 44-8-9 + 94-96. By courtesy.

Gen. Icius Simon, 1876

Type species Icius hamatus .

Icius (s. str.) hamatus (Koch C.L., 1846) Andreeva, Heciak, Proszynski. 1984. Ann. zool., 3, 13: 350, f. 1-5
©Photo M. Antoine Senglet. By courtesy.
Icius (s. str.) congener : Proszynski J. 1987. Atlas ...: 47. .Alicata P., Cantarella T. 1993.
Animalia, 20 (1/3): 120-122, ff. 37-45 \ 20 (1/3): 120-122, ff. 37-45 (Mediterranean).
Icius [?] alboterminus [= Phintella a. syn. n.] : Caleb, 2014a: 9 (2): 605-608 f 1-12 (Chennai) [Placement tentative].
Icius (s. str.) crassipes (Simon, 1868) Proszynski J. 1987. Atlas ...: 47. By courtesy.

Gen. Jajpurattus Proszynski, 1992

Type species Jajpurattus incertus.
REMARKS. The studied specimen had expanded palpal organ (presumably due to decay), its appearance in the typical resting position can be only guessed.

Jajpurattus incertus: Proszynski J. 1992b. Ann. zool. 44, 9: 182, f 67-71. By courtesy.

Gen. Pilia Simon, 1902

Type species Pilia saltabunda .

Pilia saltabunda +b) escheri: Proszynski 1987: Atlas ..: 77. +b) Proszynski J. 1983b. Folia ent. hung., 44, 2: 287, f. 13-15
+ ©Phot M. Freudenschuss - cotype. Coll. Reimoser, NHMus. Wien.

Gen. Stagetillus Simon, 1885
expected, but not yet reported from Indian Subcontinent

Type Stagetillus opaciceps

Stagetillus semiostrinus: Proszynski 1987. Atlas ...: 104-105.By courtesy.[Peninsular Malaysia].

Gen. Xuriella Wesolowska, Russell-Smith, 2000
expected, but not yet reported from Indian Subcontinent

Type species Xuriella prima

Xuriella prima +b) marmorea Wesolowska, Russel-Smith. 2000. 13 (1): 115-117, f 317-325
+b) Wesolowska W., van Harten 2007. 23: 262-265, f 207-212, phots 31-32. By courtesy. (Africa)